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Photography courses & workshops - update page

Please note: This page contains the latest dates for workshops and courses. Full details are now posted on the new website www.photocourse.co.nz

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Conditions for all courses and workshops run by James Gilberd Photography Ltd (trading as Photospace) - please read:

  • A deposit is needed to confirm your place. Normally, this would not be refundable if you subsequently fail to or decide not to attend.
  • We require a certain minimum number of deposit-paid people for a course or workshop to go ahead. If this number is not reached, the course may be postponed or cancelled and your deposit can be refunded.
  • James Gilberd Photography Ltd is not liable for any costs, losses or incovenience should the course or workshop not go ahead as planned.
  • The balance of the course fee is due on the first day of the course. In some cases, payment may be able to be spread over several weeks, by agreement.
  • Once the course has begun, the full fee in not refundable if you fail to attend.
Methods of payment:
  • Internet banking transfer. Bank details available by email
  • Cheque or cash
  • Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard (on site at Photospace only)

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