Boro first to take advantage of new TV rights regulations

English Premiership soccer club Middlesbrough has become the first to take advantage of the relaxation in the TV rights regulations which allows clubs to broadcast full footage of their league games after a specified time delay

The club has launched a new TV channel – Boro TV Extra – available on cable platform NTL, which will show full coverage of the side’s home and away league games. The content will appear 48 hours after the final whistle for Saturday fixtures and at midnight on the same day for midweek matches, in accordance with the new rights regulations for this season.
Boro TV Extra is available for a monthly fee of £3.99 ($5.77/B6.30) and will be free for the first six weeks of the season.
NTL’s Malcolm Padley believes the new rights regulations provide clubs with a number of options. “The change in rights is an interesting development for clubs and one way to maximise the footage value is to develop a TV channel.” he said. “Other options would be putting it onto a website for broadband users – an option that Middlesbrough is also looking at.”
In the past, dedicated club channels have failed to attract fans, given that the rights to first-team premium content has been unavailable to them.