My Vision for Colorado


“America is too great for small dreams.”   - Ronald Reagan

Dear Friends,

We are coming down to the final few days of the campaign; please remember to return your ballots for Amy Stephens by mail on June 22nd or by hand on June 26th!

Effective leaders must have a clear, consistent vision. Freedom and opportunity have been the main themes of my campaign since the beginning. It’s what I believe, and it’s my guide for governing. If freedom and opportunity don’t become the conservative standard, we become a weaker democracy and lose sight of our nation’s fundamental principles.

We conservatives must ask ourselves, not only in this race, but whenever we are faced with tough issues: Does this promote freedom and opportunity? Freedom and opportunity must be ingrained into everything we do, and that is why this is the vision I seek:

Imagine a Colorado…

  • Where limited government protects citizens’      lives, liberty, and property;
  • Where our Constitution is honored and the Rule      of Law obeyed;
  • Where businesses thrive, free of unnecessary      regulations, good jobs are plentiful; and the entrepreneurial spirit prospers in the free market;
  • Where our vast mineral resources are      responsibly tapped, increasing wealth while preserving our splendor;
  • Where children grow and learn in excellent      schools of their parents’ choosing;
  • Where we can live free and flourish within a      framework of proven values.

I will fight for you and with you to create this vision of freedom and opportunity for all Coloradoans.

My opponent in this race has no vision, no leadership experience, and no fundamental principles guiding her message. Instead, she has resorted to underhanded tactics, false statements, and questionable judgment in her quest for permanent status as a professional politician.

I am the only candidate in this race who has articulated a clear vision for House District 19, the only candidate talking about all the issues that face our families, and the only candidate who actively raised money and campaigned for other Republicans to help win the Majority. My most significant legislative achievement has not been “legislation,” but the “legislature.” Winning the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives has been the single greatest defense against Denver liberals and Washington, D. C. overreach.

Re-elect me and I will…

  • Lead the fight to get federal and state      governments off the backs of Colorado citizens and businesses;
  • Be a champion of responsible, limited      government;
  • Ardently defend our 2nd Amendment rights;
  • Protect and defend the right to life from the      pre-born to end-of-life;
  • Protect and promote religious freedom in our      state and nation;
  • Support job creators so they can have the      freedom to bring more jobs to Colorado;
  • Proudly defend those who defend our country;
  • Lead the fight for Colorado energy      independence, and
  • Fight to expand our Colorado House majority      and help our friends win the Colorado Senate.

Join me in fighting for freedom and opportunity; let’s work together every day to build a better Colorado.

Please vote today!

Thank you for your support.