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Pyramid Run Free

Pyramid Run

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As you could easily get from its name, the game that I am going to review today is inspired by the popular game Temple Run. At least, you think that as a first impression. However, when you launch the game and start playing it, you would realize that it is not right to use the verb ”inspire” in this case. I don’t want to give any spoiler but probably you have understood what I mean from my language. I have just started to take inspiration natural and strived from my obsession of originality but Pyramid Run has turned my understanding upside down. I suppose I need to apologize from the developers whose games are labelled as ”not original” by me. Pyramid Run is a total imitation of Temple Run when it comes to gameplay. These were headlines, let’s get into the story.

I have mentioned something about gameplay above, so I am going to continue with it. The gameplay of Pyramid Run is an almost identical copy of Temple Run.There are only two differences in ambiance. First, things happen in a pyramid instead of a temple. Second, the hero is trying to run away from mummies instead of monkeys. The rest is same. I could really understand some inspiration but this is totally an exploitation. Developers could use a little effort to create a few unique features for their game. When it comes to other features, Pyramid Run distinguishes itself from Temple Run. Store options are more improved when it is compared to Temple Run but don’t think that there are so many options. Coins that you collect are used at store and also you can buy more coins from the store. You can change the character if you want or buy upgrades and utilities which would help you during the game. There is also another game mode which is called Crazy. In this mode, you basically bet the coins you have to make more coins. Oh, I also need to tell something about graphics. They are really awful. I have felt like I was playing a game from 80′s on a handheld device.

The social features of the game are adequate. Game Center integration is available for scoreboard. You can also share your results on Facebook if you like but you do not have the chance to see other usual suspect in this game.

It was a hard task for me to write a review for this game. Because, until now, I have usually managed to find something positive about unsuccessful apps. Today, I do not have any. I do not recommend you to download Pyramid Run. Playing Temple Run would entertain you more definitely. However, the final decision is yours. It is free to test!


  • http://twitter.com/biazandona Biazandona

    Yeah, It’s really awful. I tought that it was goigng to be inspired at temple run and would be good, but must be the worst game on app store.