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August 7, 2012Dallas Morning NewsMeta Watch Turns to Crowdfunding to Raise Money
August 1, 2012ABC 40 - KRHDNational Crowdfunding Association Scores with SCORE
July 15, 2012Investment NewsFINRA's Latest Role Garners Scant Attention
July 10, 2012Santa Clarita Valley SignalLooking for Opportunity?  Join the Crowd(funding)
June 24, 2012Crain's Detroit BusinessMix VC and Social Media, Create Crowdfunding
June 12, 2012Small Balance: MarketBeatWill Crowdfunding Boost Small-Cap Real Estate?
June 10, 2012Tampa Bay TimesEntrepreneurs Turn to Crowdfunding to Start Their Businesses
June 10, 2012U.S. Chamber of CommerceOn Crowd Nine (First of several articles for USCOC)
June 1, 2012Michigan Business NetworkRadio/Podcast:  Business Beat, Interview with David Marlett
June 1, 2012Fast CompanyThe Crowd Comes of Age:  Interview with Sang Lee, Board Member of NLCFA
June 1, 2012CBS DetroitRadio: Interview with David Marlett
May 31, 2012Crain's Detroit BusinessCrowdfunding Gets Mackinac Conference Buzz
May 30, 2012ABC News: Detroit AffiliateTelevision/Video: Interview of David Marlett from the Michigan Policy Conference on Mackinac Island   (see below)
May 24, 2012Business WeekLobbying to Become Lobbyists for Crowdfunding
Note:  This article has a number of inaccuracies.  See below.*
May 21, 2012MONDACCrowdfunding:  SEC Rules Will Determine New Industry's Fate
May 18, 2012San Francisco Business TimesKickstarter Faces Growing Pains as Revenue Mounts
May 17, 2012George Jarkesy Radio ShowRadio: Interview with David Marlett
May 17, 2012Las Vegas Review-JournalEntrepreneurs go Public for Cash
May 16, 2012CPA MagazineCrowdfund CPA Audits and Reviews Expected to Explode
May15, 2012Entrepreneur Magazine7 Ways Entrepreneurs Will Ride Crowdfunding's Ripple Effect
May 15, 2012CFO MagazineJOBS Act OKs Crowdfunding
May 9, 2012Business Matters - PodcastThe Business of Crowdfunding
April 19, 2012BloombergInvestor Caveats Raised as Startup Funding Rules Loosened


  *Corrections to Business Week's May 24th Story

  1. The NLCFA is not a lobbying group, nor are we anticipating becoming one.
  2. David Marlett is politically an independent, and has managed both Republican and Democratic national races.
  3. The NLCFA does have an office in DC, and does have staff.
  4. Equity crowdfunding does include debts or IOUs.
  5. Marlett is not an active attorney or CPA at present (by his own choice), and doesn't have any intention of legal representation of crowdfund participants, and that is not why he founded the NLCFA.
  6. We have no rival, chief or otherwise.  Indeed we are not in competition with the CfPA, and instead we encourage people to be members of both groups (as evidenced by Lopes's comment), though we know that encouragement is not reciprocated.
  7. The NLCFA is not the 'actions of one individual'.  Any glancing look at our National Leadership page will show otherwise.
  8. The NLCFA also offers free membership for students and faculty.
  9. Marlett doesn't spend his days pitching businesses, but spends the majority of his days (and nights) working with our numerous committees and initiatives, and looking for solutions for people seeking to engage in crowdfunding.
  10. Our differences exist primarily, as best we can tell, in how we treat our members, and how we treat others in the industry, and how we promote the industry.  We're very welcoming and are simply too busy for silliness as the article implies.

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