This January Jack TV launches a block of shows that will give you every reason to stay home in front of the TV. The Saturday Night Laugh block delivers top-notch laughs from the most-loved and most-anticipated new shows. Catch the latest seasons of The Simpsons, Family Guy and Saturday Night Live as well as breakout animations Napoleon Dynamite and Allen Gregory first and exclusively on Jack TV!

Entering its 23rd season and approaching its historic milestone 500th episode, The Simpsons have even more laughs and adventures lined up for fans. Their latest escapades include Homer attempting to help a former CIA agent, Bart and Lisa becoming successful food bloggers and Marge worrying about Homer’s health when he becomes a workaholic at the nuclear plant. Also dropping by to join in the fun are guest stars Michael Cera, Armie Hammer, Joan Rivers, Jane Lynch and Chef Gordon Ramsey, who all lend their voices. Premieres January 21, Saturday at 8PM.

Based on the hit film Napoleon Dynamite tells the story of awkward teenager Napoleon. Convinced that he is destined for greatness and blessed with unlimited “sweet abilities”, he spends his days practicing ninja moves, soul dancing and bragging about a girlfriend no one has ever seen. Together with his best friend Pedro, brother Kip, and Uncle Rico, Napoleon struggles to navigate small-town life in rural Idaho. Jon Heder and the rest of the original cast will voice their characters in the series, which will include regular guest star voice appearances from well known celebrities. Premieres January 28, Saturday at 8:30PM.

Continuing to entertain fans with its outrageous humor, cutting-edge animation and epic episodes, Family Guy tells the story of the Griffin family. Ignorant dad Peter, stay at home mom Lois, socially awkward teenage daughter Meg, clueless son Chris, talking dog Brian and baby Stewie, an evil 1-year old who plans to take over the world. Together they spin a new hilarious twist on family life. In its 11th season watch as Peter befriends Ryan Reynolds (guest-voicing as himself), the Griffins struggle to stay grounded after winning the lottery and Stewie gets behind the wheel to take the family car for a spin. Premieres January 21, Saturday at 9PM.

Meet Allen Gregory (voiced by series creator Jonah Hill), one of the most pretentious 7-year-olds of our time. Having allegedly composed operas, written novels and dated a Hollywood actress—when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see a kid but a young man of accomplishment. Raised by his dad Richard who he shares an extraordinary father–son bond with and his life partner Jeremy, Allen is about to embark on his greatest challenge yet: attending elementary school with children his own age. Allen Gregory premieres January 28, Saturday at 9:30PM.

Now on its 37th season, Saturday Night Live has launched the careers of many major American comics for the past thirty years. Based in New York city, it features a cast of comedians that are joined every week by celebrity guests. With topics ranging from politics to pop culture, SNL is bound to have you laughing at even the most ridiculous of subjects. The long running skit show will feature the likes of Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Jason Segel and Daniel Radcliffe as hosts. While chart topping acts Maroon 5, Foster the People, Coldplay, Kelly Clarkson and Florence + the Machine perform their hit songs. Premieres January 14, Saturday at 10PM.

Saturday Night Laugh block airs every Saturday starting at 8PM on Jack TV. 

Jack TV is seen on Destiny Cable Channel 30, Cable Link Channel 57 and Sky Cable Channel 51.

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