Bank of Freedonia Disbanded

    This page formerly displayed information on the Bank of Freedonia. However, the Bank is being disbanded under a recent decision that Freedonia will have no central bank. Instead, we will completely allow the free market to regulate the banking industry, including permitting free minting and allowing market forces to establish interest rates.

The responsibility for the minting of Freedonian coinage, once the purview of the Bank of Freedonia, will be taken over by another agency, to be named soon.

Freedonian Coinage

The Freedonian 50 dollar coins remain avaialbe.

    Freedonian coins are minted out of .999 pure silver, as seen above. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The Freedonian monetary system is not yet developed, but the government will most likely establish a full currency system, in addition to any free market currencies that might develop. The above Freedonian $50 coins are a commemerative issue.

    Purchasing Freedonian coins help fund our ongoing efforts to establish the Principality as an independent sovereign nation. The money we raise will help cover the smaller costs of initial planning and operations. The Freedonian silver piece is an excellent art object, as well as an interesting addition to the collection of any numismatist.

How to Obtain Freedonian Coins

    The Freedonian $50 commemorative coin is available for $20 USD. To obtain Freedonian coins, please send a personal check or money order made out to "Freedonia",

and send to:

Principality of Freedonia
5337 Val Verde
Houston, TX   77056

Those living in the USA, please add $2 for shipping. All others, please add $5.