Pokersource is a project that further Free Software related to poker.

The purpose of this web site is to be a central place that references all pokersource related resources. It is organized as a flat list of wiki pages. There is no hierarchy or taxonomy because the information is meant to be presented in a user friendly way elsewhere. The pages only contain URLs where the informations can be found. They do not and must not contain any information. The semantic of the links are defined using custom microformats.

Catalog of pokersource resources

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 2012-08-25T20:17:02Z pokersource
2010-10-12T10:23:06Z Revision 1991:e5ae24d6d3a8: Added tag jpoker-2.0.1-1 for changeset a2b7bd0cf0c2
2010-10-12T10:23:05Z Revision 1990:a2b7bd0cf0c2: Removed tag jpoker-2.0.1-1
2010-10-12T09:59:42Z Revision 1989:dca02f540bea: debian experimental does not mind that -2 is sent although there is no -1
2010-10-11T14:01:05Z Revision 1988:a2dd59f60982: -1 and not -2
2010-10-11T13:40:54Z Revision 1987:5c43ecefd00f: Added tag jpoker-2.0.1-1 for changeset f1cb2f76b9bd
2010-10-11T10:22:47Z Revision 1986:f1cb2f76b9bd: NEWS and ChangeLog
2010-10-11T10:20:19Z Revision 1985:022490c9aec1: use local server always
2010-10-11T10:07:11Z Revision 1984:b21f0ca4659d: merge package
2010-10-11T10:06:15Z Revision 1983:dc2bb1528f0e: since experimental is used to upload dev versions, use debian.org pool ...
2010-10-11T09:56:43Z Revision 1982:2e8fc152fa99: version 2.0.1
2010-10-11T09:54:33Z Revision 1981:b2c51aab268b: create distribution for standalone jpoker
2010-10-11T09:30:55Z Revision 1980:eef4b59ee55c: remove newline
2010-09-20T16:21:25Z Revision 1979:9f3a63de63a0: Added tag jpoker-2.0.0-1 for changeset 8c2d64ec54d6
2010-09-20T16:21:24Z Revision 1978:8c2d64ec54d6: Removed tag jpoker-2.0.0-1
2010-09-19T17:55:36Z Revision 1977:2fb07f731409: remove spurious white space
2010-09-19T17:54:14Z Revision 1976:8509f9b8466e: debian package 2.0.0
2010-09-19T17:50:41Z Revision 1975:d0805237e079: compiled NEWS for version 2.0.0
2010-09-19T17:50:07Z Revision 1974:59a06eee6cd8: the default site is http://pokersource.eu/
2010-09-19T17:49:11Z Revision 1973:2f89761c1bd0: Adapt the instructions to the new standalone HTML web application.
2010-09-19T17:38:28Z Revision 1972:563a195cc3ae: cleanup log to remove merge comments and release tags comments
2010-09-19T16:48:55Z Revision 1971:e4a7323ba130: add release tag
2010-09-19T16:48:40Z Revision 1970:b25dab1a306d: *** empty log message ***
2010-09-19T16:46:58Z Revision 1969:07a7db9c4880: remove l10n backups
2010-09-19T16:44:52Z Revision 1968:2648e14573fb: translations shift one line
2010-09-19T16:44:16Z Revision 1967:896727b67dec: do not use symlink to avoid redundant ./
2010-09-19T16:23:17Z Revision 1966:7d1671ac1129: build depends on jscoverage, now packaged in both debian and ubuntu
2010-09-19T16:15:57Z Revision 1965:0ac7bb9f00d4: add vorbis-tools
2010-09-19T16:04:48Z Revision 1964:4c4be5fd570b: add eol
2010-09-14T08:04:57Z Revision 1963:4066076c4de6: sound sources needs libming
2010-08-09T17:54:14Z Revision 1962:1dfa3330de89: skin and import copyright link
2010-08-09T17:53:42Z Revision 1961:7a3ed90bce41: no need to add the copyright to the table
2010-08-09T16:44:59Z Revision 1960:66c05e27e444: hardcode the dialog sizes
2010-08-09T16:44:41Z Revision 1959:3dc063af82d4: call main before permalink
2010-08-08T05:50:42Z Revision 1958:663001e2235c: remove superfluous div meant for table background
2010-08-08T05:50:12Z Revision 1957:7b5a394da93c: remove superfluous div meant for table background
2010-08-08T05:48:21Z Revision 1956:102b9a536d00: absolute positioning of header/content/footer to resolve z-index ...
2010-08-08T05:45:42Z Revision 1955:b50b5b847df8: remove doubled footer id
2010-08-03T15:17:25Z Revision 1954:bbdc2239695a: deactivate the link for the current language
2010-08-03T14:14:11Z Revision 1953:8bf5142fb46c: implement and test langage switching
2010-08-03T11:53:00Z Revision 1952:b353f99bfbd0: #table missing closing quote
2010-06-21T20:22:31Z Revision 1951:112053e78745: test lang override from cookie
2010-06-21T19:38:04Z Revision 1950:b9333d617fa1: implement spawntable and setlocale stub
2010-06-08T20:01:12Z Revision 1949:e62307121b5d: merge release tag
2010-06-08T20:00:51Z Revision 1948:e2699950b556: update loading gif to match the color background and fix the glitch coming ...
2010-06-08T17:55:24Z Revision 1947:7815643a1aaf: Added tag jpoker-2.0.0-1 for changeset bb78fd1d8b06
2010-06-08T17:55:24Z Revision 1946:bb78fd1d8b06: Removed tag jpoker-2.0.0-1
2010-06-08T17:41:31Z Revision 1945:78026eebfc7c: merge release tag
2010-06-08T17:41:17Z Revision 1944:6aa4255f2e42: rework card backs and table background (xcf source included)
2010-06-08T15:10:50Z Revision 1943:7ceff1fc6210: cards back with hue 75
2010-06-07T10:34:11Z Revision 1942:3f9d7eba4c39: Added tag jpoker-2.0.0-1 for changeset bfd55c718f13
2010-06-07T10:34:11Z Revision 1941:bfd55c718f13: Removed tag jpoker-2.0.0-1
2010-06-07T10:16:39Z Revision 1940:2cbae671a03b: merge release tag
2010-06-07T10:15:35Z Revision 1939:76bb06810ae9: Make external links for menus because loading the table list and hiding ...
2010-06-01T22:34:24Z Revision 1938:cc5a7f3085c4: Added tag jpoker-2.0.0-1 for changeset 7898dd409829
2010-06-01T22:34:23Z Revision 1937:7898dd409829: Removed tag jpoker-2.0.0-1
2010-06-01T17:57:01Z Revision 1936:f629de2d240f: pokersource.eu translation support with french implemented
2010-06-01T17:07:49Z Revision 1935:2f9be432420b: test that a duplicate translation file is loaded and overrides the ...
2010-06-01T17:04:40Z Revision 1934:39a6c8b9afdc: update .hgignore to exclude generated files
2010-06-01T11:52:33Z Revision 1933:b08a700beb8b: skin server status
2010-06-01T08:31:08Z Revision 1932:b6dec3d4afc6: skin table, regular and sitngo lists

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