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Obama Supporters Disgusted By Debt Ceiling Deal

Some of president Obama’s strongest supporters are outraged by the terrible debt ceiling deal and the fact that Obama proposed cutting social security and Medicare when Republicans didn’t even ask for those cuts. Cenk Uygur explains.

Senator Sanders speaks the truth about the debt deal.

Climate Change Deniers Watching America Burn

Mike Papantonio talks with Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, about the ongoing denial of climate change coming from the Right.

Winners and Losers in Congress’s Debt Deal

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Olbermann is spot on, as always.

Verbally sparring with Jason Bourne seems like a bad idea.

Van Jones @ Netroots Nation

Keith is back!

The Sissy Conservatives Are Afraid of Everything

Mike Papantonio and Ed Schultz discuss the racism, hatred, and misogynistic talk coming from conservative media.

The Democratic Spin Machine Is Never There

Rep. Anthony Weiner has resigned, but there are still numerous Republican sex offenders — those that actually committed crimes — that are still walking the halls in Washington. Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Show on MSNBC to talk about the GOP perverts who need to follow Weiner’s example and get out of Washington.

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