☆Mika Tan☆

☆Mika Tan☆


ProDomme, Porn veteran UXA Hall of Fame featured on HBO Cathouse & Twittamentary. FB: ItsMikaTan *NO SEX APPTS* I tweet in voluminous spurts, like Peter North.

✔Verified Kinktress · http://www.mikatan.com

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Come tomorrow! I'll be hosting Tuesday at 9PM RT When are you hosting/doing PSK again? I've never been.

Not in . I live in LA. RT Another great reason to visit Vegas. A massage by one of the top Asian pornstars of all time

Oh & after my last year, you best bet I don't take cash for . Everything's above-board. Visa, MC, paypal.

Always trying to find ways to supplement my income on my free time. Hmm..."Free Time"...what a weird phrase to me...

RT didn't realize that u were also a message therapist. Love to be client, whether a happy ending offered or not

I did not realize that u were also a message therapist. I would love to be your client, whether a happy ending is offered or not

Pornfolk need to brand their names & diversify. It's okay to keep all eggs in the porn basket if they hatch into hens that lay more eggs.

The trick to survival is to have already in motion before you need it. Too many depend on me to have circumstances slow me down.

Glad I'm not in Vegas next week lol RT too bad you won't be in Vegas next week. massage would be a happy start

Table supplies, but not a table anymore; they replaced it finally RT So *that's* why you added a massage table to your Amazon wish list

Going to look into transferring my NV hours to California. Hope I can, so I can finish up and get certified here.

I hope I inspire great make-up sex too! RT My wife and I don't always agree on porn, but in this house you settle all arguments

Avail for LA. , but There will be no BJs, handjobs, or what I did for . LOL $100/hr.sessionwithmika

Only have 240 hours towards my NV massage license, so I don't know enough to heal you, but enough not to kill you. LMAO

Loaned my massage table for a porn shoot in July & they broke it. After nagging, my replacement one was delivered today.

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