Who is Searching for You?

Find out Who is Looking for You!

Anyone Searching for me? No, this isn't some spiritual metaphor. More and more people are using search engines to find, or (find out about) you. This website will help you learn more about who is searching for you and who's looking for you.

Find out Who is Searching for You!

Have you kept in touch with all of your old friends since childhood? Perhaps your tenth or twentieth high school reunion is right around the corner. Old friends, colleagues, classmates, lovers, and family members trying to reunite now have a useful tool in search engines like Google. The scale of Google boggles the mind. There are more than 1 billion searches on Google each day; and around the world 1000 searches in one second! Everyday there are hundreds of millions of searches from all regions of the world. It's a common practice nowadays for hiring managers in companies to google job candidates. (Funny, Google is used so much that the very word "google" has entered the English language as verb meaning "to search on the Google search engine.") They are looking at your "web reputation."

Find out Who is Searching for You!

Those of you who use social networking sites like Facebook can guess what this means if you haven't heard it before: when a person, like a hiring manager or admissions officer types your name into Google (and over 70% of hiring managers do), what are they going to find? Will they find offensive comments on message boards, photos of drunken behavior, or personal and embarrassing information? People all over the world could be searching for you and looking you up so it is important to keep up with exactly who's searching for you. Maybe old friends are searching for you in order to reconnect.

With a little bit of searching, no more than a few minutes really, many details about you can be revealed to the searcher. Information is available that in earlier times, would be considered "private," or off-limits due to respect for privacy. On one side, the search engine is a convenient tool that can be used for reconnecting people separated and trying to reunite. However, the search engine is also a powerful tool for finding very personal details of a person's legal status, financial situation, or vital statistics. Don't you want to know who is searching for you online? There are many free ways to find out the people who are searching for you. So now you no longer have to wonder: Who is searching for me or who is looking for me?

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