Stephen's Story

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Episode 3 of 4, Accused, Series 2

Duration: 1 hour

Seventeen-year-old Stephen Cartwright stands charged with a serious offence as his anxious father Peter looks on.

We see the family months earlier as Peter tries his best to help his sons, Stephen and Dom, face the imminent death of their beloved mother. When palliative care nurse Charlotte arrives, Peter is grateful of her help at this most painful and stressful time for them. Stephen is less sure of this efficient nurse assigned to see his mother through her final days. When his mum passes on, Stephen becomes more suspicious of Charlotte's motivations. But is Stephen's angst and grief clouding his judgment?

Time passes, but Stephen's anxieties and depression intensify. His troubling doubts about Charlotte are not helped by the way his father appears to move on after his wife's demise. Increasingly, paranoid Stephen is worried sick about the welfare of his younger brother Dom and clashes with his father Peter.

Stephen's behaviour becomes more erratic and fraught, and leads to a desperate act which he believes will keep his brother from harm. Stephen has clearly suffered a mental breakdown. But what will be the outcome of the trial?


Stephen Cartwright
Robert Sheehan
Peter Cartwright
John Bishop
Sheridan Smith
Dom Cartwright
Josh Bolt
Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell
Michael Maloney
Katherine Cartwright
Tina Kellegher
Defence Counsel
Rosina Carbone
Candese Reid
Doctor Doran
David Crellin
Julian Gorman
Clerk of Court
Chris Michael Hall
Kirsty-Leigh Porter
David Blair
Sita Williams
Jimmy McGovern
Danny Brocklehurst


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