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Season Two

Season Two of Firefly takes the story of Joss Whedon�s "Serenity" and tells it over the span of 22 episodes, as it might have been had the show not been cancelled.

What is the secret locked in River Tam's brain and what does this mean for the crew?

With Book and Inara off the ship, Mal�s bad luck continues as it seems he can barely keep his crew together and fed. Even the most lucrative jobs often turn out to be more trouble than they are worth.

Pursued by the Alliance, bounty hunters, and other mysterious enemies, the crew of Serenity does everything it can just to keep flying.

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2x22 - Wake

Crew and Alliance alike deal with the aftermath of the Miranda Wave.

Mission Statement

For those of you who are not familiar with our project, Still Flying is a fan-based site dedicated to a "virtual continuation" of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" in the form of scripts of additional episodes. We've rounded out Season One, completing it with seven new episodes (including a season finale based on "Serenity: Those Left Behind" from Dark Horse Comics).

Season Two is dedicated to exploring the question, "What would things have been like if Joss Whedon had been able to tell the story of Serenity in 22 episodes rather than 2 hours?" Our story will take you to most of the same places the movie does, but the path along the way will be a little different, and a lot longer.

We'll see some old friends and more than a few old enemies. We can't promise that we'll entertain you as much as Mister Whedon would have, but you should know that this project has been put together by those who care about the show, and we're taking this bird up out of love.

Like most Browncoats, we know that Whedon will return to us with another movie, book, or some other way to continue the tale he started in "Firefly." Until that time, we'll be here. We will hold the line.

We can't show you exactly how Joss Whedon would've done it, but we can tell you...

"Here's how it might have been..."

Disclaimer: The crew of the Serenity, the 'Verse in which they live, and their fellow inhabitants are the property of Joss Whedon, Universal Studios, and/or Fox Television. They are used in this fan-based project with love and respect, but without permission.

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