The following information was compiled by Mr. Robert Charles Anderson, CG, FASG of 2 Fenway, Derry, NH 03038, and published in Volume 19, Numbers 1 & 2, 1991 of the Genealogical Journal of the Utah Genealogical Association, PO Box 1144, Salt Lake, Utah 84110. The title of the article is; We Wuz Robbed!

Mr. Anderson is the Director of the Great Migration Study Project sponsored by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. He is a Certified Genealogist, a fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, a fellow of the Utah Genealogical Association, and has published numerous articles in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The American Genealogist, the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and The Genealogist, as well as the Genealogical Journal.

(Editor's Note) In my personal opinion Mr. Robert Charles Anderson is the formost Genealogist of our time and you should read everything you can lay your hands on. Look and see how sourcing should be done. You will learn much...H.O.


Professional genealogists and serious researchers alike, have been aware of the forgeries and frauds committed by GUSTAVE ANJOU (1863-1942) and we of this Society believe this material should be brought to the attention of all who may come in contact with any the publications listed below.

The sad fact is that Gustave Anjou was not a genealogist, but a forger of genealogical records that have been passed on for years to unwary clients and then through researchers who believed, or wanted to believe, they had a true lineage. They in turn republished the material in their own works and the cycle continues even today.

Gustave Anjou produced these "genealogies" for wealthy clients at a price of around $9,000 and the client. needless to say, always received what they wanted.

In the words of Mr. Anderson;

" A typical Anjou pedigree displays four recognizable features:

1. A dazzling range of connections between dozens of immigrants to New England; for example, connections far beyond what may be seen in pedigrees produced by anyone else:

 2. Many wild geographical leaps, outside the normal range of migration patterns;

 3. An overwhelming number of citations to documents that actually exist, and actually include what Anjou says they include; and

 4. Here and there an invented document, without citation, which appears to support the many connections noted under item 1 above".

The above mentioned publication is one that belongs in your genealogy library. I urge you all to read the detailed account of this article and the five other genealogy fraud articles that appear with it. Included is another detailed article about Gustave Anjou's life and forgery methods, entitled Gustave, We Hardly Knew Ye: by Gordon L. Remington, editor of the Genealogical Journal.

Please do not contact the Society in regards to copies of these articles. We will honor existing copyright laws owned by the publisher and do not distribute copies of their work.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Anderson for bringing these facts to our attention and also to the Genealogical Journal for their courage by publishing the material.

Harold Oliver, Director
America's First Families October 5, 1998


The article further states;

 "The following 109 "genealogies" are found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. All but those marked with an asterisk are cataloged under Gustave Anjou, H. Anjou, or M. Anjou in the Author-Title Catalog. Only three of the of the "genealogies" were actually printed, the works on the FREEMAN, BLAISDELL, and SHAPLEIGH families -and only the FREEMAN was actually published by Anjou- the other two were later publishings of his original typescript.

Anjou's genealogy on the TONE family was later incorporated into Dr. Frank Jerome Tone's History of the Tone Family (Niagara Falls, NY.: the author, 1944) FHL 929.173 T612t, which is not included in this list. The unprinted genealogies were all bound typescripts or carbons of the original, and even the unsigned ones are recognizable as being Anjou's creations-invariably beginning with a history of the surname. Since four of Anjou's works were found by looking at films that contained catalogues references, there may be others lurking somewhere in the collection."

In continuation;

"Six of the catalog entries under Anjou's name, however, are to what appear to be extracts of documents or original source material not organized or typed us as formal "genealogies." These entries are marked with a  !. Whether or not they can be really be attributed to Anjou is not known. Excluding them leaves 103 compiled "genealogies" by Anjou in the Family History Library. In 1927 Anjou published a catalogue of 192 "genealogies", leaving 89 "genealogies" unaccounted for by this list."

The numbers given after the title are the call numbers at the Family History Library.

! The ANDREWS Family   929.273  A1 #688
The BACKUS Family       929.273  B128a
The BACON Family         FHL #908083 item 7
BEACH Family                 FHL #908083 item 9
The BELL Family             FHL #908833 item 4
BLAISDELL Family Manuscript  929.242  A1 no. 25
Histore de la famille BLOEDEL  929.273  B6214a
The BRAMAN Family      929.273  B7311a
BROOKING (Broquin) Family   929.273  B79132a
The BUCKNER Family   929.273  B857a

CALDWELL Family  929.273 C127an
History of the CARR Family of Scotland, England and the United States Part 1: Scotland and the United States  929.273 C23a
CARROLL Family  FHL #908510 item 11
CARUTHERS Family  929.273 C2372a
CARTER Families  FHL #897418 item 22
The CHALFONT Family  929.273 C35a
CHAPLIN Family  FHL #908086 item 9
The CHILD Family  929.273 C436a
CHURCH Family  929.273 A1 no. 544
The CHURCH Family from 1202  FHL #389396

CHURCH, the English Ancestry of Richard Church of Hartford  FHL #000182 item 1
CLEMENT Family  929.273 C59171a
The CLISE Family  929.273 C619a
COCHRAN Family  929.273 C643a
COOK Families  FHL #908136 item 5
History of the COPLEY Family of England with Ancestry of Thomas Copley, Shelbrook, Yorkshire, Northampton, MA  929.273 C791an
History of the COPLEY Family of England with Ancestry of Thomas Copley, Shelbrook, Yorkshire, Northampton, MA Revised Edition  929.273 C791a
CORBIE Family  929.273 C81a
CORLIEZ Family  929.273 C81342a
CORRY Family  FHL #1651933 item 12

CRAWFORD Family  929.273 C856a
CUNNINGHAM Family  929.241 C917a
The DANIEL Family  929.273 D221a
De RONDE Family  929.273 R667a
DEVECMAN Family  929.273 A1 no. 542
DICKEY Family  FHL #924400 item 4
The DORNAN History  929.273 D73451a
DOTY Family  929.273 A1 no. 543
DU PONT Family  FHL #908504 item 1
DUNCAN Family  929.273 D912a

ERICKSON Family  929.273 A1 no. 551
FICKEN Family  929.273 F446a
The FISH (FISK) Family  FHL #908219
FLANDERS Family  929.273 F613a
Early History of the FREEMAN Family; of Surrey, England, and New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, and California in the United States  FHL #1033558 item 9
GALWAY Family (GALLAWAY, GALLOWAY)  FHL #908219 item 9
! GILL Family  FHL #908504 item 10
The HOLLIDAY, HALLIDAY Family  929.273 A1 no. 545
The HULBERT Family, 1305-{1884}; with the Ancestry of Walter HULBORD, Thomas HULBERT, William HURLBERT, and their Connections with Early Immigrants to the New World: Connections with Samuel BENNETT in James 1635 to Lynn, MA., the HYDE, HURD, PARTRIDGE, HARDY and Other Families/Henry Carlton HURLBERT, Descandant of Thomas HULBERT of Saybrook, CT and Wethersfield  929.273 A1 no. 540
The HULL History: Containing the Ancestry of Richard HULL of Dorchester, 1634  929.273 H877a

HUNGERFORD Family  929.273 A1 no. 548
The Jack Family (JACQUES, JAMES)  929.273 J12a
The JOHNSON Family  929.273 J63an
The JOHNSON Family  929.273 J63ab
JONES Genealogy, A Welsh Family  929.273 J71a
KENNETT Family  929.273 K393a
KLAUS (Claus) Family  929.273 K668a
! LANE Family Extracts from Suffolk Probate Record  FHL #908071 item 7
LEE Family  929.273 A1 no. 549
The LENMAN Family (LEMAN, LANHAM, LENHAM)  929.273 L547a

The Lewis History; Containing Also the History of Various American Families  FHL #908006 item 1
The LILLY Family: LILLIE, LILLE, LILLI, and LILLY: A Complete History of the Lillie, Lille, Lilli and Lilly Families from Sweden to France to America, 1291-1898  929.273 L628an
! LINCOLN Family  929.273 no. 550
MARK Family  929.273 M34a
The MARSHALL Family  929.273 M355a
The McVICKAR History  FHL #908006 item 4
MONS (MANTZ) Family  929.273 M758a
MOORE Family  929.273 M781a
The NICHOLSON Family  929.273 N52a
ORD Family  929.273 Or2a

ORMOND Family  929.273 Or45a
PARSON Family Records  929.273 P251a
The PULLMAN Family  929.273 P967a
REDBURN Family  929.273 R246a
History of the RICHARDSON Family  Q929.273 A1 no. 24
ROBINSON Family  929.273 A1 no. 556
ROBINSON Family: Genealogical History of the Robinson Family from John Robyson of England in 1374, to Henry and Richard Robinson of Maryland in 1650, to John Robinson of Delaware in 1698, to John M. Robinson, 1878  929.273 A1 no. 556 Rev. Ed;
ROCKWELL Family  929.273 A1 no. 546
ROGER Family  FHL #908510 item 12
The ROSS Family  929.273 R733a

RUNK-RUNCK Family  929.273 R874r
RUSSEL Family  929.273 R911a
History of a German Family: the SCHNEIDER Family of Friesland, 1492 A.D. etc. with the Ancestry of Various American Immigrants  929.273 Sch58a
SEAMAN Family  929.273 Se16a
SHAPLEIGH Family  929.273 SH64ag
The SPROULL Family from 1283 A.D.: with Ancestry of, e.g., Governor W.C. Sproull of Pennsylvania. Also the Affiliated Families; CLARK, with the Ancestry of Sen. W.C. Clark, MURE, PATTERSON, CARRUTHERS, etc.  929.273 Sp87a
STONE Family  929.273 St72a
! STOWELL Family  FHL #90854 item 12
SWIFT Family  929.273 Sw54a
! THAXTER Family  FHL #908504 item 11

THOMPSON Families  929.273 T371an
The TILNEY Family  929.273 T468a
The TONE Family  929.273 T612a
TOPPING Family  FHL #924086 item 4
The TRAYLOUR Family (TRAYLOR)  929.273 T699a
TURNER Family  FHL #924400
The von HORN Family  929.273 H783a
WALLEY and other Families  929.273 A1 no. 599
WARD Family  FHL #908504 item 3
WATERBURY Family  FHL #908504 item 5

The WELD Family (WELLS, WELLES, WILLIS), 1066 A.D.-ca.1910; and WILDS  FHL #928025 item 2
WELLING Family  FHL #908504 item 2
WHEELER Family  FHL #908834 item 6
The WHITMAN Family  929.273 A1 no. 582
WILSON Family  929.273 W691c
WITHERSPOON Family  929.273 A1 no. 558
WOLFF Family, ca. 760 A.D.-1916  929.273 W832a
WOOLEY History  929.273 W888a
The WORCESTER Family  929.273 A1 no. 557

If you or you know of anyone researching any of the above lines, you are going to have serious problems with your lineage somewhere when you run into a brick wall you can not scale.

Not only will the above mentioned "genealogies" steer you into uncharted waters but any other genealogies that followed later and have used this material for their source. Any of your sources that trace back to anything compiled by Gustave Anjou will prove suspect.

If you know of any Anjou sources not listed above, please contact me.

I would be very interested in learning of any genealogical works in your collections that may be credited to Gustave Anjou or his company, AMERICAN CONSUMERS SOCIETY, located at No. 2 West 45th Street, New York. Thank you for your assistance.




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