China Factories Feel Pinch of Slowing Economy

China’s economy is slowing down, and that’s having a big impact on factory towns that relied on cheap manufacturing. The World’s Mary Kay Magistad visits a hard-hit garment-making district in Guangdong province.

Slideshow: China's Slowing Economy

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London’s Millenium Bridge Gets its Own Soundtrack

London’s Millennium Bridge, which made headlines when it opened in 2000 because it was wobbly, now features some intriguing noises and music, from voices to nursery rhymes to church bells.

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Syrian Rebels Beef-Up Their Public Relations Skills

In addition to honing their fighting skills, some of Syria’s rebels are working on their PR as well. They leave the fighting for a few days to get media training in Turkey. And they’re careful now to speak about a future Syria that is democratic and inclusive – to all religions and women.

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Sampling Sweden’s Traditional Surströmming

Surströmming is herring that’s put into barrels until the point it almost starts to rot, and it smells terribly but the taste is pretty special.

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Musicians Tour the UK on the African Express Train

Over 80 African and Western musicians are on board the Africa Express. They’re on a unique train journey travelling around the UK and making music as they go.

Video: Ride the African Express

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Hong Kong to Boston: A Tale of Two Sisters

A slight twist of geography makes for stark contrasts for two sisters’ experiences, in everything from friend circles to Facebook. One goes to a university in the US, the other graduated from Hong Kong.

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Human Rights Watch: Bush Administration Subjected Libyan Prisoners To Waterboarding

A Human Rights Watch report out Thursday alleges that during the Bush administration, Libyan revolutionaries were subjected to rendition, waterboarded by the CIA, then turned over to the Gaddafi regime to face more abuse.

Read the CIA Statement

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Journalist Fired for Refusing to Cover Putin’s Flight with Endangered Cranes

Not every journalist in Russia was happy to cover Vladimir Putin’s escapade this week, when he led Siberian cranes across the Arctic in a motorized hang-glider. Writer Masha Gessen tells host Lisa Mullins why she refused to cover the event, and as a result lost her job editing a travel magazine.

Video: Putin flies with cranes

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The Far Out Destination of Voyager

We’re looking out well beyond the reach of Earth’s gravity to a place the Voyager space probes are traveling through at the moment.

What songs would you include from past 35 years?

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Can an Actor Change a Nation?

Indian actor Aamir Khan at a press conference. (Photo: Bollywood Hugama/Wikimedia Commons)

The latest issue of Time magazine’s Asia edition features Indian actor Aamir Khan on its cover primarily because of his social activism in recent times.


Summer In The Global Village: Afro-Punk Fest – Part One

Angelica Bess of Body Language at the 2012 Afro-Punk Festival (Photo: Mirissa Neff)

The Afro-Punk Festival recently returned to Brooklyn, after being washed out by Hurricane Irene last year [...]


Rise of the Emirates as an Airline Traffic Hub

Dubai airport (Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wiki Commons)

Australia’s Quantas Airlines has ditched its 17-year alliance with British Airways to partner with Emirates Airline. That means its twice-daily ‘kangaroo route’ from Sydney to London will stop in Dubai instead of Singapore.


Why the 2012 London Paralympics Have Been Such a Success

Britain's Jonnie Peacock wins the Men's 100m - T44race in the Olympic Stadium during the London. (Photo: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

It has been a very popular Paralympics. More tickets were sold for the London Games than for any previous Paralympics. And the Games have been broadcast to more people in more countries than ever.


US Designates Haqqani Network ‘Terrorist Organization’

Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of the Haqqani Network, in 2001. (Photo: REUTERS/Stringer)

The United States is designating the Haqqani network a terrorist organization. The Haqqanis are the most lethal group in Afghanistan. So some say the designation is overdue. Others worry about the effects on peace talks.


Islamist Group Claims Responsibility for Cell Phone Tower Attacks in Nigeria

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau (Photo: BBC African Service)

Recently, more than 30 cell phone towers have been targeted in northern Nigeria. Friday, the militant Islamist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for attacking the towers.


Pakistan Orders Save the Children’s Foreign Workers Out of the Country

A family at a makeshift camp for displaced persons by the flooding in Gujrat Town in 2010. (Photo: Save the Children)

Pakistani authorities have ordered aid agency Save the Children’s foreign staff out of the country.


Democratic Convention Garners Global Attention

Democratic Presidents, past and present at the DNC. (Photo:

President Barack Obama speaks to the Democratic National Convention tonight. And just as with Mitt Romney last week in Tampa, the world is watching. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with two foreign correspondents: Laure Mandeville of France’s Le Figaro, and Nathan Guttman of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.