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  • Record-Breaking Stellar Explosion Helps Understand Far-Off Galaxy

    Astronomers have used light from an exploding star to study a galaxy an astonishing 9.5 billion light-years away.  The new data, obtained in part at the MMT Observatory, uses the unique signatures of a distant ultra-luminous supernova to determine the interstellar conditions in the galaxy.  This is the first demonstration of such a technique and shows much promise for future studies of the early universe.  To read more, click here.

  • Space-Warping White Dwarfs Produce Gravitational Waves

    A short period eclipsing binary white dwarf system that was discovered last year by astronomers observing at the MMT shows the effects of general relativistic gravitational waves.  To read an exciting update, click here.

  • Dr. Roger Angel - Innovator

    Dr. Roger Angel, astronomer and pioneer in telescope technology is looking to use new low cost mirrors to collect solar energy in an effort to mitigate global warming issues.  As Director of the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, Dr. Angel oversaw the design and casting of the 6.5-m MMT primary mirror.  To learn more about his innovative ideas, click here.