We deserve to put Bolt in the shade! Weir says Paralympians have shown their worth

By Laura Williamson


Not many people can steal the limelight from the world’s fastest man and David Weir admitted the popularity of the Paralympic Games surprised even him.

Weir, who won four gold medals in London, said he smiled when he saw that the Paralympics trumped coverage of Usain Bolt’s 100metre win in Brussels last week.

He said: ‘It definitely surpassed my expectations. It made me laugh when Usain Bolt’s Diamond League was five or six pages back from us. So that just put a little bit of a smile on my face.

Proud: David Weir with his four gold medals

Proud: David Weir with his four gold medals

‘It’s been special. I’ve never experienced anything like it. When you see us (Paralympians) on the front of the papers and the back on the same day, it’s just amazing.’

The wheelchair racer, 33, added: ‘We’ve always said we’re world-class athletes and I think that’s shown in the last 11 days. We’re just as good as Olympians.

Not this time: Usain Bolt's coverage was a few pages back

Not this time: Usain Bolt's coverage was a few pages back

‘We’ve been banging on about it for years and years and it has taken this Games to show people we’re athletes and we’re world class like everyone else. We train as hard as everyone else and we’re getting the recognition now.

‘I think that will carry on to Rio. People are very interested in Paralympic sport. I think everyone’s attitude will change and has changed. It’s all for the good, so I’m happy.’

Changing attitudes: Thousands loved the Paralympics

Changing attitudes: Thousands loved the Paralympics

Weir also revealed Jessica Ennis had told him that her mother Alison said Weir was her favourite athlete of the summer — behind her daughter, of course.

‘I feel like a rock star,’ he said. ‘But I won’t change. I would be the same whatever I had done.’



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Very proud of how all the british athletes did this summer but I feel this man has got a little bit big headed now. Obviously the para olympics is going to be more important than a diamond league meeting. The papers print what is most likely to sell papers and Usain Bolt running in a meeting that only people who follow athletics will know about isn't going to sell as much as the amazing parade through London that attracted over a million spectators. There is no need to try and compete with Usain Bolt he is a different catergory to anyone else. He is one of the only athletes most people could name from a picture which says it all really. I am not trying to take anything away from anyone but why would anyone find it funny that they are on a better page than someone else? surely if Usain Bolt brings more people to watch athletics and get more funding for things which he does as people aspire to be him then surely you should praise the man.

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You guys sure did do us proud and proved people shouldn't feel sorrt of themselves even if they have a disability.

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