Xbox Live Arcade sales grow 41% in March

Tue 27 Apr 2010 9:27am GMT / 5:27am EDT / 2:27am PDT

Overall 2010 sales up 5% as monthly revenues top $10 million for the first time

March 2010 sales on Xbox Live Arcade were the best on record, with a rise of 41 per cent on the same time in 2009, according to figures from market research firm FADE (Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment).

For the first time ever revenues in March topped $10 million (£6.5m) at an estimated $10.6 million. By comparison though sales in January and February were disappointing, with the latter estimated at just $6.8 million (£4.4m).

Overall this means that sales in 2010 have so far grown by only 5 per cent, on 2009's revenues.

The boost in March was attributed to the Block Party promotion, which highlighted the games Toy Soldiers, Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal and the free-to-download Game Room in a similar manner to the now traditional Summer of Arcade event.

Aided by the fact that it was the first game released, Toy Soldiers was the biggest seller of the month with an estimated 209,000 downloads resulting in $3.14 million (£2.0m) in revenues.

Nintendo 64 remake Perfect Dark was second with 161,000 downloads and revenues of $1.61 million (£1.0m). The less critically-acclaimed Scrap Metal saw 18,000 downloads and $270,000 (£176K) in revenues.

The most successful game of the month not featured as part of the Block Party promotion was Trials HD, first released in August 2009. FADE estimates that the game has now exceeded lifetime revenues of over $10 million (£6.5m).

FADE top 10 estimated Xbox Live Arcade games for March 2010, by revenue:

  • Toy Soliders - 209,000 units ($3.14m)
  • Perfect Dark - 161,000 units ($1.61m)
  • Trials HD - 53,000 units ($0.80m)
  • Battlefield 1943 - 37,000 units ($0.56m)
  • Castle Crashers - 34,000 units ($0.51m)
  • Hasbro Family Game Night - 32,000 units ($0.32m)
  • Scrap Metal - 18,000 units ($0.27m)
  • Marvel vs. Capcom - 25,000 units ($0.25m)
  • Shadow Complex - 13,000 units ($0.20m)
  • Magic: The Gathering - 16,000 units ($0.16m)

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Josef Brett

I really thought Perfect Dark would've been higher.

I feel a bit sorry for Ken Lobb now...

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