Madonna's not so mini me: Statuesque Lourdes catches up to dad Carlos... as they stroll in New York

By Joel Cooper


She's often been compared to her pop superstar mother for mimicking the material girl's style, but now Lourdes Leon has really started to grow up - in more ways than one.

The fashionable 15-year-old took to the streets of Soho with her father Carlos yesterday (Sunday), walking toe-to-toe with him as she proved that she almost matches the personal trainer in height.

Carlos Leon and daughter Lourdes

Stroll: Lourdes and her father Carlos Leon wandered around Soho in New York City

Material girl: Lourdes channels her mother as she waits for a taxi in New York City

All grown up: Lourdes looks older than her 15 years as she waits for a cab in NYC

Lourdes spent the day with her father, taking a leisurely stroll in Manhattan before attending the Zac Posen fashion show in the evening.

Lourdes wore a fitted white T-shirt with cut off denim shorts, emblazoned with the cross – which Madonna has used in her imagery for many years.

She completed the outfit with simple black trainers and a studded leather bag, which she then wore again later that evening.

Despite wearing large cat eyes sunglasses in the hot New York sun, the family resemblance to Madonna clearly shone through.

Carlos Leon and daughter Lourdes

Waiting: Lourdes waits patiently as her father flags down a taxi

As she strutted through the streets of Manhattan, Lourdes oozed attitude and looked older than her 15 years.

Carlos Leon, who famously dated Madonna between 1994 and 1998, works as a personal trainer and has previously acted in US legal drama Law and Order.

Lourdes and Kelly Osbourne

Fashion friends: Lourdes met up with Kelly Osbourne to attend the Zac Posen show at New York Fashion Week

He hailed a cab for the two of them before Lourdes presumably began getting ready for her evening out on the town.

Later on that night, Lourdes was pictured with pal Kelly Osbourne, as the pair attended the Zac Posen show at New York Fashion Week.

The resemblance between mother and daughter has always been quite striking – Lourdes even caused controversy recently after she dressed up in homage to her mother, wearing a cone bra.

Madonna in 1985

Style Icon: Madonna performs at Madison Square Garden in 1985


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Jesus she looks like her mum!

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For the person who mentioned Carlos was 5-11, here is a quote from Carlos from Page Six magazine: "I┐m not that short! I┐m 5'11"┐.OK, maybe not that tall.┐

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Where can I buy that studded bum-bag she is wearing?! Does anyone know the Brand?

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Madonna lost her own mother to cancer as a teenager, so I doubt she is "sick with jealousy" and comparing wrinkles with her daughter. I expect she is just glad she is alive to see Lourdes grow up, and probably feels sad that grandma never got to meet her.

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C London-I think you are feeling sick with jealousy that Madonna has maintained her looks, by whatever means, and can actually pass for someone in their 30's easily; especially in BINGE BRITAIN. I have seen girls, even here in Italy, that look so old and have rolls of fat and they are in their teens, Madonna has done quite well for herself and it is natural for a woman who has been judged on her looks for most of her life to feel some angst at ageing and perhaps even be jealous of a young daughter. Having said that, Lourdes has a lot of money to dress nice, has been forced to eat nice, and at 15 is going to be serious trouble for Madonna judging by her attitude.

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Wow, didn't recognize Osborne. Where on earth did so much of her go?

Click to rate     Rating   42

Natalie Cassidy?

Click to rate     Rating   8

he looks like Tim Curry kind of...

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Very aware of herself for someone so young.

Click to rate     Rating   38

Lourdes is beautiful and she's got a great body! Love her style and self assuredness.

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