Pregnant Imogen Thomas relaxes in a spa with a female pal (and guess who's revealing the most skin)

By Joel Cooper


Her growing baby bump has been displayed in many glamorous outfits since she announced to the world that she was pregnant just a few months ago.

And now Imogen Thomas has taken pregnancy chic to a whole new level – in a black bikini to show off exactly how much she’s grown.

The 29-year-old glamour model is expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Horsley in November.

Bump: Imogen and pal Rachael relax at the Penny Hill Park Hotel and Health Spa in Bagshot, Surrey

Bump: Imogen and pal Rachael relax at the Penny Hill Park Hotel and Health Spa in Bagshot, Surrey

The Welsh beauty explained to followers that she had no bikinis in her wardrobe that still fit her.

She tweeted: ‘I have over 60 bikinis and not one fits! So gutted. Where can I get bikinis from this time of year? X’

But that didn’t stop Imogen for too long, as she was soon getting comfortable in the hot tub at the Penny Hill Park Hotel and Spa in Bagshot, Surrey.

The reality star looked happier than ever before as she posted the snap on Twitter, telling followers: ‘Moi and @missrachaelc @pennyhillpark today :-)’

It is the most recent picture of the former Big Brother star showing her naked baby belly, and really shows off just how far along she is.

Imogen Thomas shops in Essex
November baby: Imogen's bump will be ready to pop in about two months

November baby: Imogen's bump will be ready to pop in about two months

The mum-to-be has faced numerous pregnancy scares over the last few months – she even made several hospital visits over potential complications.

But Imogen appears to have put the worry behind her as she indulges in some well-earned rest at the luxury spa.

A glowing Imogen was spotted shopping in Essex recently - and she even changed her outfit mid-shop to make sure she was extra comfortable.

When pondering a birthday gift for boyfriend, Imogen took to Twitter once again to ask her followers for advice.

She said: ‘What do u get a man who has everything for his bday??! #ideas’ (sic).


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Jen , London, 11/9/2012 09:19 - As a pregnant woman taking advise from the NHS I can confirm it is not advised and can cause harm to the baby. It┐s possible that a significant rise in your core temperature may affect your unborn baby┐s development, particularly in the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. After my 2 miscarriages I have been advised that these are one of the things to definitely avoid by my doctor and midwife.

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What? A few weeks ago she was 12 weeks pregnant.. Reaaaally do not like this woman.

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there she blows ! oh no sorry thought I saw a footballer !

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She was on day break 3 weeks ago and said she was 12 weeks pregnant. That would make her 15 weeks and due in 25 weeks. Thar would make her due in MARCH. Not November as in the article. Do the Maths DM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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C'mon DM don't give this woman Air-time in your paper and maybe she'll just disappear, PLEASE STOP SHOWING HER PHOTOE's.

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1ST Ever woman to be proud of being HUGE for her dates. I am 30 weeks with my 3rd and am about the same size.

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Should she be using a spa if she's pregnant? Answer: no! - im always right , Swindon, 10/9/2012 15:35 Why on earth cant you use a spa if you're pregnant? - Jen, London, 10/9/2012 16:19 Erm, seriously, I am interested - what's wrong with using a spa if you're pregnant?

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any body got a harpon ?

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how the hell could it be a november baby i was 20 weeks when she was apprently 12 weeks and my baby isnt due till middle of december

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