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The Page of Shame

Think of this as a review site, where we review what we consider to be bad customers. Other merchants: We think you should think twice before doing business with these individuals. But that's just our opinion.

Dishonored Payments

Back when people paid for most purchases by check, merchants often pinned up returned checks for others to see. People don't pay by check anymore, but people still fail to pay for things they purchase. This is a list of Suburban Express customers who have given us payments which were not honored. Some people might call these folks deadbeats, but we're too polite do to that.

Name                    City, State

Patricia Moll		Elmhurst, IL
Wendi Wang		West Covina, CA
Catherine Cozza	 	Western Springs, IL
Andrew Groesch		Champaign, IL
Amos Chan		Waukegan, IL
Justin Kang		Urbana, IL
Shellaine Kang		Lincolnwood, IL
Jacqueline Maravilla	Palatine, IL


Sometimes, customers do ridiculous things which get them banned. Cutting off a bus to make it stop, so that you can get on after arriving at a stop late, will get you banned every time. Causing a payment to be dishonored will also get you banned. Here is a list of people who have been permanently banned for various reasons:

Name, Reason                                 

Nicole, Katherine, or Joseph Hancock     
Cut off a rolling bus with a car at Old Orchard to board it