Screamland Farms


Fridays & Saturdays in October Starting October 5th

Gates open at 7:00 p.m. Last victim sold at 10:00 p.m.

You should probably start screaming ...

Three Horrific Haunts. Enter at your own risk!

A ghastly night of bone-chilling fear and unspeakable terror for those who dare. Choose to visit one, two or all three of our depraved haunts. But say farewell to your friends, in case you don’t all make it out alive.

Corrupted Corn

Corrupted Corn

Don’t jump out of your skin.

Homeless inbred murdering misfits, psycho clowns and the undead have taken residence within this freakish corn colony. Through sewage lines crawling with creeping bugs and rats, you must be careful of toxic hazards and live electricity as our “friends” try to keep you for themselves. And...please stay away from that crazy preacher and his snake handlers lest you get bit!

Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods

There’s no turning back!

NOT a journey for the squeamish! This frightmarish hayride takes you through a poisoned landscape littered with zombie carnage. The living dead come out at night in search of fresh body parts, so hang on for dear life. But don’t scream too loudly, lest you wake the undead.

Barn of Bedlam

Barn of Bedlam

Can you handle it?

A gruesome tour of an insane asylum inhabited by the most vile killers and demented psychopaths like Hannibal the Cannibal, Chainsaw Charlie and Butcher Bob. Be warned though...rumor has it that the psychopathic inmates are arming themselves for an uprising - one more bloodbath before the electric chair. Have a safe tour and don't mind the blood, it washes off in the morgue before YOUR FUNERAL!!!


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Tickets go on sale 9/22.

No Drugs/Alcohol
No Pets
Not Recommended for Children Under 13

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