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Nationwide North club Barrow’s striker Michael Rankine could be set to sign for Scunthorpe United.

The 19-year-old is on trial with the Iron on the back of a recommendation from Barrow boss Lee Turnbull, who works as a Football in the Community officer for Scunthorpe.

Rankine (pictured), nicknamed ‘Shabba’, scored in his first game for the Coca-Cola League Two club on Saturday, coming off the bench in their 3-0 win at Halifax.

He will now play for Scunthorpe reserves on August 18th in a game that could clinch a deal.

Turnbull said: “I would not stand in Michael’s way.

“I think if anyone is given the opportunity to earn themselves a contract at a professional club then we should give them the opportunity to do that.

“Obviously he is under contract here and if Scunthorpe fancy him, I’m sure we can come to some kind of deal.”

In the meantime Rankine, who scored nine goals in an impressive first season at Barrow, will continue to play for the Bluebirds.

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