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Posted 11/2/2009 Printable Fact Sheet
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Boeing P-29
Boeing P-29 side view. (U.S. Air Force photo)
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The P-29 aircraft was an attempt to improve the basic P-26 design. The Boeing Model 264 was tested by the Army Air Corps as the XP-940 and featured an all-metal construction, enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear. Three aircraft were ordered (S/N 34-23, 24 and 25) to test various configurations. The original XP-940 aircraft (S/N 34-24) was modified to an open cockpit and became the XP-924 test project (YP-29A) and was later modified with a new engine to become the P-29A. The second aircraft (S/N 34-23) was an improvement of the basic XP-29 design and first flew as the YP-29 and later as the P-29. This aircraft had an enclosed "greenhouse" canopy, wing flaps and a different engine, but its performance was unsatisfactory. The final aircraft (S/N 34-25) was a development of the YP-29 with an open cockpit and new wing but also proved unsatisfactory.

Type Number built/
XP-29 1 XP-940 test model
YP-29 1 Enclosed cockpit
P-29 1 (cv) YP-29 with new engine and flaps
YP-29A 1 (cv) Modified XP-940 (XP-29)
P-29A 1 (cv) Y-29A with new engine
YP-29B 1 Modified YP-29, new wing, open cockpit

Armament: Two fixed .30-cal. machine guns or one .50- and one .30-cal. machine gun
Engine: Pratt and Whitney R-1340-35 Wasp of 575 hp at 7,500 ft.
Maximum speed: 242 mph at 7,500 ft.
Cruising speed: 206 mph
Service ceiling: 24,200 ft.
Span: 29 ft. 5 in.
Length: 25 ft. 1 in.
Height: 7 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 2,502 lbs. empty/3,270 lbs. (maximum)
Crew: One

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