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  It's Time ...<br>For Network Marketing It's Time ...
For Network Marketing

It's time for a hip, hot, knock-out book about how great network marketing is. A book that blows the lid off... sets the record straight... tells the true story... No BS. No hype. Passionate. Exciting. As relevant for anyone new to the business as those who've been here four-or-forty years... and perfect for all your prospects.

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I hope you will find this website to be fun, educational, and enlightening!

But please be aware that not everything on this web site may be what you want to hear. It is, however, what you may need to hear.

Having said that, this is also not an anti-MLM site (most of which are pretty ridiculous). I love network marketing and make my living at it. I am one of its biggest advocates. That's why I hate to see it maligned and abused, and why I object so vehemently to the way it is often misrepresented (both positively and negatively).

The main purpose of this site is:

1. To promote my various personal endeavors such as my training seminars, expert witness and consulting services, Inside Network Marketing book and radio show, and educational audio CDs;

2. To champion the network marketing industry as a whole as well as a selection of its very best resources (but never to promote any MLM program I am personally involved in);

3. To provide every conceivable educational and investigative resource any prospect, distributor, vendor, or company could possibly desire;

4. To expose the hype, lies and misconceptions that can corrupt this otherwise great industry!

Thanks for visiting!

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