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    Moderate, manage, and interact easier with customers worldwide
    Social CRM Screenshot

    Review comments and respond to customers

    Social CRM is your team’s community management dashboard. Review and respond to fans and followers on multiple Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Assign tasks with priority level, and manage and track responses in one centralized location.

    Create a welcoming space for conversations

    Monitor and protect your Facebook walls. Shoutlet Social CRM highlights keywords you select to flag posts and comments for review, or automatically deletes posts to minimize profanity and enforce community guidelines.

    Learn more about your community

    Find out what makes your audience tick. Social Profiles gather user data from web apps, contests, Social CRM, and Social Canvas-powered Facebook apps to constantly populate data into each user profile (and protects it with industry-leading security). Uncover your most active fans with Shoutlet’s Influencer Score, and tag users for future reference. Impressive segmentation functions allow you to create unique static lists of contacts based on criteria ranging from demographic information to Facebook interests.

    Launch contests that draw interaction

    A feature of Social Canvas, Shoutlet’s contest platform provides all clients with unlimited sweepstakes and essay, photo, and video contests. Launch promotions on Facebook or publish to a Shoutlet-hosted URL that can be accessed to any customer from Twitter, Google+, or your website. Read more about Social Canvas.

    Engage anywhere on the web with web apps

    Shoutlet web apps such as polls, video players, RSS readers, slideshows, and sign-up forms are the most customizable in the industry. Embed them on any site, blog, Facebook tab, or other Social Canvas design - even in Facebook wall posts. Viewers can embed or share your apps with their networks and engage friends on your behalf. Get the details on web apps.

    Pinpoint content to specific groups

    Make the experience your community has with your social media presences as relevant as possible. Target Facebook tabs to users based on language, location, age, or fan status (like-gating) using Social Canvas. Use Shoutlet’s Social Enterprise to manage global social media content while giving local-level accounts the freedom to engage with their audiences.

    Use audience behavior as content triggers

    Allow the collective actions of your customers determine when you publish next. Plan social campaigns using Social Switchboard and schedule content to launch when milestones are met. Did 10,000 people enter your contest? Publish a new promo code to thank them right away. Learn more about Social Switchboard, the first trigger-based social media campaign tool.