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Welcome to Eliab !

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>Eliab Free Coloring Sheets

Welcome to Eliab.com

What you’ll find at this site are my Eliab offerings of songs, stories, poems, and chants which have been written over the years with God’s inspiration. I trust that if you have time to read, reflect and use some of these offerings for adults and children and they may be a blessing to you and to others.

Don Stott

>David and the Giant - play

>Jellybean Prayer- Easter resource

>Shine Like Stars- a monologue from Philippians *NEW*

>Jailhouse Rocks!- new story from Acts

>ChildrensMinisterBLOG-games,ideas for children

>Coffee Break Prayer-a prayer for adults.

>Go Gideon Go ! -dramatic reading

>Work together in Unity- puppet play

>Easter Resources

>Jairus Song

>EasterPlus - new BLOG

>Christmas Promises-Advent puppet play

>Extraordinary Jesus-a chant for children *NEW*

>Free Christmas Photos -*NEW*

>20 ways to use a puppet

>Christmas is Coming-PDF Booklet - skits & stories

>Eliab’s Christmas Page

Please come back soon. New resources added weekly.

>Easter is Coming- puppet scripts PDF booklet

please check out  the puppet play I star in ...

Eliab in Hebrew means “to whom God is Father.”

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All creative works on this site are protected by copyright law. However, I believe these Eliab offerings of song, story, scripts and chants are a blessing from God and are meant to be shared with others. Authorization is given by the author, Don Stott, to print off this website for non-commercial use, provided that all material remains complete and intact in its original form. Reprinting for resale , in any form, is prohibited.

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