Drive Content Across Social Networks


CONVERSIONBUDDY seamlessly enables your consumers to share content and product information via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and other forms of social media while giving you real-time insight into how sharing drives your business.

Use powerful sharing technology to turn visitors into viral engines to drive your content across the web. Drive shares with the Facebook ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Send’ buttons, ‘Tweet’ buttons, copy link, email and more.

Identify Sharing Trends


Discover which products and pieces of content are the most popular and how they travel across multiple social networks with ConversionBuddy.

Identify brand advocates and determine which audience segment shares most frequently and generates the most traffic and revenue per share. Use ConversionBuddy to uncover which social networks drive the most traffic to determine where to allocate your marketing efforts.

Track Any Conversion


Use ConversionBuddy to track activity that happens on your website as a result of consumers engaging with content via email, blogs or social networks.

View how sharing leads to increased website traffic, purchases, newsletter signups application downloads, subscriptions and more – there is no limit to the number of conversions you can track. Associate conversions with a numerical value to fully measure the effectiveness of sharing.

Universal Product Features


Optimize your social marketing strategy with comprehensive data that pinpoints when and how to engage fans. Aggregate data across all products in real-time and identify how your marketing efforts stack up against industry peers with C-Rank™.


Customize dashboards to effectively view and compare key social marketing metrics via a library of drag-and-drop widgets. Create multiple dashboards to quickly and easily view the data that matters the most to you.

White Labels

  • Launch, manage and measure tabs from a single location
  • Maintain control over multiple brands managers with activity feeds
  • Monitor the performance of all Pages with a parent level Analytics Dashboard

Access Controls

  • Leverage granular permissioning to give users the rights they need without sacrificing security
  • Manage one Page, or hundreds of Pages globally, without making anyone an admin of your social network profiles
  • Set permissions for individual groups