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Knowledgeability Briefs ( KB )

CARV may not be the first place searched but provisionally hosts more than 40-years of unique research and analysis knowledgeability some believe are bits and pieces resting in plain sight of CARV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KBs ) where a broad spectrum of information exists from archeohistoric, primitive, historic, vintage, current and predictives with analytic information capturing global interests from remarkable students, academicians, private-sector enterprise and picquing awareness levels in others.

Official Content + References = Quotable CARV Content

CARV KBs primarily present content ( e.g. text, diagrams, images, audio broadcasts, and video recordings ) from ‘official’ ( government ) sources and /or ( where no other information was publicly available ) ’officially recognized as publicly reliable information sources’, plus journalistic enhancements ( e.g. plain talk, pundits, etc. ) for easier ‘readability’  ‘comprehension’ and ‘entertainment’ surrounding remarkable scientific and technical vernaculars few distinguish with value. CARV KBs are garnered from ardous research adhered to by strict guidelines and principles with source information confirmed by no less than two ( 2 ) additional reliable independent sources, but where scientific and technical data varies amongst scholars and professionals, those held in good standing may be considered reliant. CARV obtains ‘information leads’ from global resources. CARV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KB ) are conveniently listed in the upper right column for your selection and review.


CARV does not ascribe-to nor provide public platforms for doomsday prophecies, radical religious ideologies, internet conspiracy theories, and / or any trendy belief systems inconsistent-with or contrary-to facts understood or held under consideration out-of the public domain by certain professionals.

Unique Search

CARV KBs contain ‘keywords’ and ‘keyphrases’ so the CARV ‘website search engine’ enables special public information gathering abilitity provisions rarely found elsewhere because of certain reasons.


CARV Knowledgeability Brief ( KB ) ‘feedback’ provides global exchanges of thought provoking detailed insight based on combined unique theories, observations, experiences and concepts generating stimulating comments from quality like-minded individuals worldwide.


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