Listiki User Accounts

Ever since we started Listiki, we always had an open vision for it. For that very reason, we never implemented a User Account Management system. We only had Twitter & Facebook sign ins. Which made sense at the time, due to the fact that our micro-list platform would utilize these two major platforms to expand and develop upon.

But we quickly determined that this was only a short-term solution. What we had in mind (and still do) requires the user to have far greater granularity and control than just a in/out status. Of course, it wasn't just our greater goal that lead us to today's release. Many issues have arisen from the very beginning, when users would login with both Twitter & Facebook, essentially creating two totally separate users on Listiki.

So, today we're proud to release Listiki User Accounts. This is actually bigger than "just" a username & password. We've literally rewritten how users engage and use Listiki.

Here are some of the features:

  1. Third party account merging
    When you create a new Listiki Account, you can easily connect to your favorite service (Twitter, Facebook & Google+). By connecting to these services, we will automatically merge any activity you've performed with that account, into your new Listiki Account.
  2. Vanity URL's
    When setting up a new Listiki Account, you can now choose your desired username, which also doubles as your public profile URL. This is one of the biggest requests we've had. We've also implemented a pretty smart way to handle any issues where a user has already automatically registered his username when signing in with a 3d party service.
  3. User Profiles Pages
    You can setup your profile page complete with Avatar, Bio & URL.
  4. Auto Sharing
    Connecting your favorite services to your new Listiki Account also means that you now can auto share specific actions you perform on Listiki. For instance when you start a new Listiki, a tweet can be sent out to your Twitter Stream & Facebook Wall. We allow a very granular setup, so you can choose what to post and where.
  5. Fast Sign-in
    By connecting your Listiki Account to your 3d party services, you can also use them as a quick sign-in pass, when logging in.

There are two ways you can setup your new Listiki Account.

  1. You can Sign in as you would normally using your third party service, and then visit your Settings page, where you can set a Username & Password.
  2. Or you can create a new Listiki Account from scratch, and add your services afterwards.

Remember, if you've previously used Listiki, merging your previous accounts into the new Listiki Account will streamline all of your activity. We encourage you to do so.

Create your new Listiki Account and secure your username.

This is just the beginning of a slew of updates which will enhance your Listiki experience. We've got tons of stuff coming for 2012! To stay updated, follow us on Twitter.

Posted by Constantinos Demetriadis
What's in store for 2012

Happy New Year to all!

Yes, we're still here, and we admit to being awefully quiet. But think of our silence as a sign of hard work and over-zealous dedication. In fact, we're so psyched about 2012, we can't help but tease you about some our next features.

But first thing's first. We'd like to take some time and explain what has happpened in 2011. In the fewest words possible, I'd describe 2011 as a milestone year - albeit without any releases to the actual product. This can only mean that we've been working hard on what is to come in 2012. We have re-adjuted our targets and have set a roadmap with very specific feature release dates, starting next week. Our main target is to make Listiki the ultimate destination for Lists.

We've been also very busy rebuilding our infrastructure, by moving Listiki to the cloud. Listiki is now powered by Amazon's Web Services, running on a EC2 instance. We made this move firstly because we wanted a very scalable solution, and secondly, as a bootstrapped startup we need to be able to control our costs at any given time and pay only for what we actually use.

So, while 2011 was an uber slow year for us, as far as releases were concerened, 2012 will be quite the oppposite. Starting next week, we will release one of our biggest requests to date. We'll just say that it affects the core of Listiki, but it's not about the Lists. Stay tuned, because it's on its way...

Also, most of the stuff that we have in store for 2012 more or less revolves around the "more engaging & interactive service" concept. It will be an interesting ride...

Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter

Posted by Constantinos Demetriadis
Back on Track

We hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are. On our side of the world, temperatures have reached a scorching 105 degrees fahrenheit both in Greece and Cyprus.

We have had a bit of a slow start with regards to getting the new features up and running but we are back on track with our developers and should have those updates for you soon. We have responded to a few bug reports, most of which have been fixed with ease.  We are working to have them all squashed quickly which will allow us to focus full force on getting the new features out. First up will be thumbnails and the embedding of lists followed by much more.

We have great things in store and our number one priority is getting them to you. Thanks for using Listiki and thanks for your patience as we put all our efforts into bringing you a great product.

Posted by Davina Economou
A note from Listiki

It has been a good couple off weeks for us here at Listiki. We were so pleased to see that we had been featured in TechCrunch and LifeHacker both of which we hold in high esteem so this was a highlight for us! Naturally, there was a surge in traffic as more people became aware of Listiki from these two big boys of tech blogs but also from numerous smaller blogs which we are thankful for.

Some of you may have realised that we went down a couple of times the previous week but we were able to get things under control and managed to get through the sudden increase in traffic.

We have been receiving some very nice comments from all our lovely users and we thank you for taking the time to let us know you appreciate Listiki as well as letting us know your thoughts and ideas - we are taking all your comments on board.

Here’s just one of the comments that made us smile :)

“Since I personally make lists of all kinds of things when I found Listiki I thought I died and went to heaven. - @beasocial1

Thank you and thanks to everybody that has been sending us messages via our Get Satisfaction Feedback tab on the site. This is what makes it all worth it. We are so excited because the reaction has been immense and this is just the beginning. We have plenty more exciting features to come and should be pushing a couple of these out in the next few days. 

In the mean time, here’s our top 3 lists for the week:

  1. The 1000 things everyone should do before they die
    Started by Heather Brockman - This is a great idea for a list to get people involved and start contributing. There’s 10 things on he list so far so just 990 to go!
  2. Best list of collaboration-related sites and books
    Started by @KareAnderson - Interesting (and extensive) list of reads such as such as Moving from Me to We and Extraordinary Groups. Thanks @KareAnderson
  3. If I were President I would...
    Started by @BigQid - My personal favorite! It’s interesting to see what the public would do if given the chance to be president. @BigQid is the creator of the list and sole contributor so far. I’m curious to see how this one escalates. 

Ok, that’s all from us for now. Why not head over to Listiki and create your own list now?

Posted by Davina Economou
This Weeks Favorite Listikis

As the lists have started to pour in, we have decided to feature our favorite ones in a list right here on our blog.

Here are our very first favorites:

  1. Best Paul Graham Essays
    Started by @gtzi - Paul Graham is a well known programmer, and programming language designer and essayist. He is co-founder of Y Combinator which provides seed funding to startups, particularly those that are more tech-oriented. His website now consists of over 100 essays. This Listiki consists of those considered to be the best ones. There were over 100 people on this list simultaneously within the first hour of submitting it!
  2. Speakers and themes to have in Aalto Venture Garage 2010-2011
    Started by @lindaliukas - Aalto Venture Garage is a new seed venture accelerator to catalyze world changing startups form Aalto University, Finland. @lindaliukas started this list to get your opinion on speakers and themes to be featured at the Aalto Garage 2010-2011. We like the way she thinks.
  3. Favorite True Blood Vamp
    Started by Vanja Arsenov Schleifer - I couldn't resist this one. I am a huge fan of True Blood and Vanja has started a list of our favorite vamps.

Remember that Listiki = list + wiki, so you can go in and add your own items to lists, move things around if your disagree with ranking or even delete items you think should totally not be on that list at all. Have fun.

Posted by Davina Economou