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KUS-SHDM is a software for designing the hull of the sailing boat, esspecially fast sailing boats.

KUS-SHDM should be comprehended as developmental tool for designing the sailing boat hull. At heart the shape of the hull is suggested depending on input data defined by a hull designer.

The main superiority of KUS-SHDM is the SWL method generating a such hull that has the symmetrical water lines in conditions of different heel angles, as it is up-wind sailing. This is one of the basic hypothesis of the reduced bare-hull resistance.

KUS-SHDM, besides the hull synthezis, contributes the hull analyzis. That means it is possibly to get the results of stability and hydrostatics calculation. Stability can be estimated for every angle of any inclinations. In this way precisely analysis of stability can be done.This means that different simulations with alternations of the weights and its centorids can be obtained.

At the moment KUS-SHDM is not occupied with appendage, as the keel, the rudder or the rigg with sails.

The KUS-SHDM application is recommended for the yacht designers who want to experiment with distinctive application input data to get a fast sailing hull.
This software has to be understood and used as one of the development software tools for designing a specific form of sailing yacht hulls.

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