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The Molecular Foundry A National Nanoscience Research Facilty

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The Molecular Foundry is a Department of Energy-funded program providing support to researchers from around the world whose work can benefit from or contribute to nanoscience. Through unparalleled access to state-of-the-art instruments, materials, technical expertise and training, the Foundry provides researchers with the tools to enhance the development and understanding of the synthesis, characterization and theory of nanoscale materials.

2012 Annual Users Meeting

Join the vibrant Molecular Foundry and NCEM User Community to experience and discuss the latest developments in nanoscience at the 2012 Annual Users meeting.

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Please join the Molecular Foundry, LBNL & Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology at a free-of-charge workshop which will address the latest research and state-of-the art applications in plasma deposition and patterning.

Registration is free but separate from the Molecular Foundry User Meeting. Contact to register or for further information.

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Form, Function and Folding: In collaboration with Berkeley Lab, a team of scientists move toward rational design of artificial proteins

Past efforts to predict peptoid structure have met with limited success, but a scientific team in collaboration with Molecular Foundry researchers have demonstrated that a computer modeling approach similar to one used to predict protein structures can also predict peptoid conformation. Learn more »



Foundry Users Awarded SunShot Grant for Solar Cell Studies


The Molecular Foundry and PLANT PV have received a $450,000 SunShot grant from the Department of Energy's BRIDGE program to develop three-dimensional techniques to measure minority-carrier lifetimes in thin-film solar cells. By better understanding the underlying material properties, PLANT PV hopes to increase device performance. The BRIDGE program is intended to support close interactions between industry and DOE User Facilities, and this grant builds on the young company's work on developing wide-bandgap materials for silicon-based tandem solar cells. As Users at the Molecular Foundry, PLANT PV collaborates with researchers in the nano-fabrication and inorganic nanostructures facilities. Read more about their DOE SunShot grant .

Brighter, Smaller Probes to Uncover the Secret Lives of Proteins

A team of Molecular Foundry researchers has learned to grow precisely sized nanoparticles that upconvert light, emitting visible light when excited with near-infrared light. The team optimized the nanoparticles to tag proteins in live cells, which will provide a window to cellular mechanisms for making and processing proteins. Learn more »


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The Foundry Seminars:

DATE: Tuesday, September 25
TITLE: Tuning the electronic structure of SrTiO3 and related compounds for solar water splitting

DATE: Tuesday, October 9

DATE: Tuesday, October 23

Call for Proposals: The next deadline for standard proposals is April 1, 2013.