Our Mission

Science That Matters is here to bring you reports of the most interesting research that is buried in the tens of thousands of journals1 that academics are obliged to fill as they fight each other for tenure.

For us, the exciting results are the ones that alter the way we view the world. The ones that settle interminable dinner party debates. The ones with results you would have thought impossible. The ones you want to beat your congressperson or MP over the head with. And the most super exciting results, for us, have all of these properties and you’ve never heard of them.

Although our crack team of wannabe science writers have some serious literature-surfing skills, we can’t find everything. So if you happen to know of research with important implications for the political, cultural or even just the scientific world, then for Nature’s sake, create an account and submit your suggestion. Or, if you prefer, you can simply email us.

Peter Eckersley and Aaron Swartz, January 2007, San Francisco

  1. Sources differ on how many research journals exist. JournalSeek currently tracks 92,215 (it isn’t clear how many of them carry publish research), while Harnad has cited an older figure of 24,000