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Madonna, Confessions on a Dancefloor

***** Madonna's new album takes us through a complete history of dancefloor action

Peter Robinson
Sunday 20 November 2005
The Observer

In these ultra-competitive times, even Madonna has been moved to relaunch with 'Hung Up', her most wonderfully commercial single since the mid Eighties. With Confessions on a Dancefloor, the undisputed queen of releasing a new album every few years accompanied by a new haircut takes us through a complete history of dancefloor action, with references to the Jackson 5, Bobby Orlando-era Pet Shop Boys, Abba and Giorgio Moroder thrown into the continuous mix.

As a result, it ranks alongside True Blue and Like a Prayer, for which credit must go to producer Stuart Price. Since his excellent 1999 Les Rythmes Digitales album Darkdancer, Price has quietly become one of the world's best producers. Confessions... is vocally sharp and (at times) lyrically breathtaking, but it is difficult to imagine this album working without Price's involvement. Of course Confessions... clearly wouldn't exist without Madonna, but it's Price who steals the show.

Burn it: 'Hung Up'; 'Isaac'

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