Little River Band

Melbourne 1975-1986,1988-present



Little River Band                        1975    9   Produced by Glenn Wheatley, Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble and Glenn Shorrock

CD          AUS   (issued 1998)
            USA   One-Way (issued 1997)

LP          AUS   EMI EMC 3144
            HOL   Harvest 1A 038 1575081 ("Fame" series)

MC          HOL   Harvest 1A 238 1575084 ("Fame" series)

After Hours                              1976    9   Produced by Little River Band

CD          USA   One-Way (issued 1997, 3 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   EMI EMC 2546

Diamantina Cocktail                      1977    9   Produced by John Boylan and Little River Band

CD          AUS
            USA   One-Way (issued 1997)

LP          AUS   EMI EMC 3187

MC          AUS

Diamantina Cocktail                      1977    9

LP          USA   EMI SN-16455 (reissue)

Sleeper Catcher                          1978    9   Produced by John Boylan and Little River Band

CD          USA   One-Way 19080 (2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   EMI EMC 3252
            GER   EMI 1C 064-82457
            USA   Harvest SW-11783

MC          GER   EMI 1C 264-82457

It's A Long Way There (1975-1979)        1979   11

LP          GER   EMI 064-82516

MC          GER   EMI 1C 264-82516

First Under The Wire                     1979   10   Produced by John Boylan and Little River Band

CD          USA   One-Way 19075

LP          AUS   Capitol EAST 11954
            USA   Capitol SOO-11954

Backstage Pass                           1979    8   Produced by Little River Band

LP          AUS   Capitol ESTSP 12061

Live In America                          1980   10   Produced by Little River Band and Ernie Rose

LP          AUS   Capitol

Backstage Pass                           1980   18   Produced by Little River Band and Ernie Rose

Double-CD   USA   One-Way 19074

Double-LP   HOL   Capitol 138-86120/1 (Backstage Pass and Live In America)
            USA   Capitol 138-861 20/21 (Backstage Pass and Live In America)

Long Jumping Jeweller                    1981    2   Produced by John Boylan and Little River Band

Single      AUS   Capitol

Time Exposure                            1981   11   Produced by George Martin

CD          USA   One-Way 19078

LP          USA   Capitol ST-12163

Greatest Hits                            1982   12

CD          JAP   Capitol CDP 7 46021 2 (issued 1989)
            USA   Capitol (issued 2000, 6 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Capitol 46021
            ???   EMI EMA-328

St. Louis                                1982    2   Produced by Ernie Rose and Little River Band

Single      AUS   Capitol

The Net                                  1983   10   Produced by Little River Band and Ernie Rose

CD          UK    Capitol CDP538-7918792
            USA   One-Way 19077 (2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Capitol EST 440176-1
            HOL   EMI 1A 064Y-400176
            USA   Capitol ST-12273

MC          HOL   EMI 1A 264Y-400176

Greatest Hits Vol. 2                     1983

LP          ???   Capitol PLAY-1023

Playing To Win                           1984   10   Produced by Spencer Proffer

CD          AUS   Capitol CDP-7460612
            AUS   (re-issue 1997)
            USA   One-Way 19076 (2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Capitol 064-240252-1
            USA   Capitol SJ-12365
            USA   Capitol SN-16474

MC          USA   Capitol 4XJ-12365

Glenn Shorrock: The First Twenty Years   1985   34

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 7 46306 8 (8/34 tracks)

Double-LP   AUS   EMI

No Reins                                 1986   10   Produced by Richard Dodd

CD          AUS   Capitol CP32-5151
            USA   One-Way 19073 (issued 1997, 2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Capitol 064-240554-1
            GER   Capitol 1C064-2405541
            USA   Capitol ST-12480

MC          USA   Capitol 4XT 12480

Monsoon                                  1988   11   Produced by John Boylan and Graham Goble

CD          USA   MCA MCAD-42193

LP          AUS   MCA 255471-1
            ???   MCA 42147-1

Too Late To Load                         1988   12   Produced by Glenn A. Baker and Graham Goble

CD          AUS   EMI CDP-791693

LP          AUS   EMI EMX-791693

The Farnham Years                        1989   10

CD          AUS   Capitol CDMID-166189

LP          AUS   EMI MID-166189

Get Lucky                                1990   10   Produced by Dennis Lambert

CD          AUS   MCA 2292-57164-2
            USA   MCA MCAD-6369

LP          AUS   MCA 2292-57164-1

All-Time Greatest Hits                   1990   10

CD          CAN   Capitol CDL-57360

Worldwide Love                           1991   10

CD          AUS   Curb D2-77468

LP          HOL   Curb CUR 468593-2

Best Now                                 1991

CD          JAP   Toshiba TOCP9136

The Classic Collection                   1992   21

CD          AUS   EMI 8140752

MC          AUS

Most Of Volume 1                         1992


Most Of Volume 2                         1992   19

CD          AUS   EMI 4380 342

Live Classics (Greatest Hits Live)       1993   17   Produced by David J. Holman and Little River Band

CD          SWI   Blue Martin BLM330052-2

Reminiscing: The 20th Anniversary        1994   35

Double-CD   USA   Rhino R2 71745 S22 17953

Forever Blue (The Very Best Of)          1995   18

CD          HOL   Capitol 340092

Best Of: The Night Owls                  1995   17

CD          GER   Zounds 27200590

Premium Gold Collection                  1996   19

CD          GER   Electra 8375812

It's A Long Way There                    1996   14

CD          HOL   Disky Communications DC 868702

Centenary Collection                     1997   19

CD          HOL   EMI 8 55026 2
            USA   EMI

I Dream Alone                            1997   16

CD          GER   AREXPRESS AREX46872

Where We Started From                    2000   11   Produced by Little River Band

CD          USA

Very Best Little River Band Album Ever   2001   17

CD          HOL

Sleeper Catcher/Time Exposure            2002   22

Double-CD   USA   Collectables B000066JFG (2 bonus tracks, "We Two" and "You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind")

One Night In Mississippi                 2002   14

CD          USA   (live album)

Help Is On Its Way                       2002   15

CD          HOL   Disky

The Definitive Collection                2002   19

CD          AUS   EMI

Streams of Success                       2003   24

Double-CD   USA   Recall

Test of Time                             2004   11   Produced by Wayne Nelson

CD          USA

Re-Arranged                              2006   15

CD          USA

We Call It Christmas                     2007   11

CD          USA


Beckett Peter (g,bv) 1990-1997 Player, Peter Beckett, Think 0ut Loud
Birtles Beeb (g,v) 1975-1983
Briggs David (g) 1976-1981
Bryant Richard (k,v) 1992 ---
Clarke Mike (b) 1979 ---
Davidge Graham (g) 1975 W.G. Berg, Nostra Damus, Syperman, Super Lemon, Bite, Steven Foster Band, Russell Royden Band, Johnny Chester, Tidewaterm, The Sultan Brothers, Stephen Foster Band, Goanna Band, Reverend Blues and The Blues Messengers, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Farnham John (v) 1982-1986
Formosa Rick (g) 1975-1976 The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert
Gildea Paul (g,bv) 1998-1999 Icehouse
Goble Graham (g,bv) 1975-1986,1988-1990
Herring Rich (g) 2006-present
Hind Greg (g) 1999-present Network
Hirschfelder David (k) 1983-1986 Pyramid, Peter Cupples Band, Blowout, John Farnham Band, Yu-En, Dragon
Housden Stephen (g) 1981-1986,1988-2005
Logan Mal (k) 1980-1981
Marion Chris (k,bv) 2005-
McArdle George (b) 1976-1979 Ram Band
McLachlan Roger (b,bv) 1975-1976,1998-1999
Murphy Kevin (d,bv) 1998-2005 ---
Nelson Wayne (b,v) 1980-1986,1988-1996,1999-present Blowout, Jim Messina Band, The L.A. Cowboys, John Farnham Band
Pellici Derek (d,perc) 1975-1984,1988-1997
Prestwich Steven (d) 1984-1986
Reither Glenn (k,sax,bv) 1999-2005 ---
Sciuto Tony (k,bv) 1990-1992,1993-1997 Banging Rush
Scott Adrian (k,bv) 1998-1999 Air Supply, Chemistry Band, Bobby Valentine and The Sweethearts, Kylie Minogue Band, Pink Cadillac
Shorrock Glenn (v,g,k) 1975-1982,1988-1996
Thomas Billy (d,bv) 2005-
Tupaea Hal (b,bv) 1996-1998 ---
Wade Steve (v,g) 1996-1999 Big Push, Tempted, solo-cd

Sources of information: Scott Reboulet, John Farnham Australian Discography, Stefan Warnqvist, Little River Band Homepage, Beeb Birtles, Tony Sciuto, Little River Band Official Site
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