Executive Director of Global Animal Partnership, Miyun Park has worked to improve the welfare of farm animals for more than 15 years. Ms. Park has delivered presentations around the world, including China, India, Croatia, South Korea, Belgium, Egypt, Italy, and across the United States, on behalf of animals in agriculture, is widely published, including a chapter co-authored with Andrea Gavinelli, Head of Unit, Animal Welfare, of the European Commission, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation’s Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare portal.

My background differs from that of many of my colleagues. I grew up without much, if any, contact with animals and didn’t begin learning about farming and its impacts on animals until I was at university.

Over the years, I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many of the most passionate and committed advocates for higher farm animal welfare, whether legislators, ranchers, corporate executives, farmers, restaurateurs, scientists, retailers, auditors and certifiers, policymakers, or individuals.

Finding common ground with people from wildly different backgrounds and realizing that no matter how foreign we may be to each other, we can and do agree that we must work together collaboratively and positively to improve the welfare of animals raised for food is why I’ve chosen to work for Global Animal Partnership.

I truly believe that the multi-stakeholder foundation on which our organization is firmly rooted can bring about the greatest advancements—for animals, producers, consumers, and purveyors alike.

Regardless of our professions, histories, or personal philosophies, each one of us is able to bring about positive change.

I’m incredibly thankful for being able to contribute to the work of Global Animal Partnership and our unique, multi-tiered 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards.

—Miyun Park