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  • RIP ALOKE 2005- 2009

    It was an amazing experience, but all good things come to an end.  The ride continues on, nonetheless.   Thank you to all our amazing friends, fans and family for your support and for being there at the shows, videos, recordings and so on.  We met so many awesome people throughout our journey.  ALOKE will never die, and who knows what the future will bring.  If any news comes up, you will know about it.

    I am in a new band now, called GROUP.  We have kept some Aloke songs alive, approached from a whole new angle.  Enjoy, stay in touch and from the bottom of all our hearts, we are grateful to have shared our music, which means so much to us, with you.


    March, 2010

    We are back from Chicago and have a new record in hand engineered by Steve Albini.  We laid down 18 tracks and will choose around 13 for the next release.  It was an outstanding experience and we are very pleased with how the songs came out.  Thanks to Steve, Stephen, John and Paul at Electrical for being so cool to us during our stay.

    Keep your ears and eyes out our for some new songs appearing in September.

    Our first New York show as a four-piece will be happening later in the month.



    You can also buy our album One Day We Will Kill You in limited red vinyl from
    Gatehouse Anchor Records - a small vinyl label in Boston which you should definitely check out!


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