What is this?

My second attempt at running some sort of otaku blog. The previous one lacked focus, direction and monolingualism, and that didn't serve me well. So there, I'm in for a fresh start in (more or less competent) English, with a particular emphasis on the central icon of contemporary Japanese visual culture that is the cute young girl.

What am I going to find here?

Impression and reviews of various otaku-related products. Possibly a measure of intellectual wankery about such deeply philosophical subjects as the nature of moe. And the occasional rant about moral panic, and free speech being curtailed for flimsy reasons.

Don't expect galleries of random scanned pictures or whatnot. I may not be satisfied with copyright laws in general, but I have no intention to infringe on the rights of creators around here. If you find something on this blog that seems to stray beyond the realm of fair use, don't hesitate to give me a heads-up.

Is this safe for work?

If you have open-minded colleagues, perhaps, but I wouldn't chance it.

Seriously though, it is quite likely that I will be commenting on material unsuitable for minors to some extent. I will avoid showing actual depictions of lurid acts, but drawn characters might appear in various states of undress. I'm sorry if that offends you.

What does tsurupeta mean, anyway?

It is a Japanese portmanteau word combining two onomatopoeias: tsurutsuru [つるつる], which means smooth, polished, especially hairless; and petan [ぺたん], which means flat, devoid of bumps and holes. So tsurupeta [つるぺた] describes a female body that's flat above and smooth below.

You're a sick fuck!

I love you too.

3 comments for ‘About’.

I wonder why you don't have

I wonder why you don't have any information about yourself on this page, but go into some detail about your personal experiences in your Japanese page.

In Japanese, I don't feel the

In Japanese, I don't feel the need to make excuses for the contents of this blog, so this leaves some room for other stuff.

Nice blog!

Nice blog!

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