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Bug ID: 7073868
Votes 0
Synopsis Need new tests development for loop optimization in server compiler
Category hotspot:test
Reported Against
Release Fixed
State 3-Accepted, request for enhancement
Priority: 2-High
Related Bugs 7044738 , 7068051 , 7070134
Submit Date 02-AUG-2011
The loop optimization in HotSpot cause a lot of high visiblity issues in JDK7.
They were found by QA, Perf teams and external customers.
Most of fixes are going to be included into 7u1, 7u2.
It is needed to test this optimzation and these fixes to verify that we don't have uncovered problems.

Also it would be nice to develop a framework which allow us to test compiler easier.
Posted Date : 2011-08-02 06:40:26.0
Work Around

PLEASE NOTE: JDK6 is formerly known as Project Mustang