Sendible is a very powerful messaging and contact management tool. Even though you do have to pay to benefit the most from the service, the plans are decent, affordable, and (in my opinion) very much worth it. Sendible can not only help you be more efficient in your messaging but can also help you keep your social networks updated as well. - BloggingTips.com

Sendible makes the updating process much easier and simpler for busy users who want to keep their status up to date and their friends being informed on their latest status. - MyDigitalLife.info

If you need a reminder service, a message scheduler and a generally cool way to organize yourself, I have just found a service that could help you (and me), called Sendible. For me Sendible is worth the time, and I would guess that many of you who have scheduling problems will feel the same way. - MakeUseOf.com

Web site Sendible schedules sending messages to contacts in the future over email, text message, or social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Not only can you send messages to anyone on a schedule, but you can also update your status on sites like Facebook and Twitter on a schedule too - LifeHacker.com

I absolutely love sendible.com. It is saving me a tremendous amount of time and really streamlined my marketing efforts. I have a client that I also manage accounts for and Sendible is the only service I have found that will allow scheduling for a Facebook Fan Page. I highly reccomend this service ! This is not only a great tool, but I found the customer service to be incredible. A++++ 5 stars - StacyKinney.com

Sendible is a free tool which lets you do a lot of things including; send messages to your friends, customers or colleagues in the future, schedule reminders, organize and manage contacts, jot down notes and have them sent at a predetermined time, schedule appointment reminders, subscribe to content and lets you choose how you want to receive it. - RotorBlog.com

At Markcomedia we absolutely love Sendible. We manage a large portfolio of daily updated websites and their respective Twitter and Facebook accounts and Sendible with its scheduling of messages and recurring message functionality makes the whole management of these properties much easier. The customer service we get from Sendible is second to none - overall, we are very impressed. - MyVoucherCodes.co.uk

Thank You for providing such a valuable service. Sendible is a life saver for me. Running a community website I spend a lot of time doing things for other people, with Sendible, I am able to give myself some much needed time off by staging my social media to work without me. All I can say again is, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! - SimiValleyNightOut.com

Sendible made it easy to keep an eye on your social media. An intelligent solution that will help you take advantage of social networks without consuming much of your time. - WebHostingSearch.com

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