Doctor Who quizzes

Ultimate Doctor Who quiz
Ultimate Doctor Who quiz - Find out if you're really a fan by taking the ultimate Doctor Who quiz.
Doctor Who baddies quiz
Doctor Who baddies quiz - Some are terrifying, some are seductive, and others are just a bit silly.
A First Doctor quiz
A First Doctor quiz - Try our tricky test on the original Time Lord's adventures.
A Second Doctor quiz
A Second Doctor quiz - Play our quiz on the whimsical wanderer.
A Third Doctor quiz
A Third Doctor quiz - Travel back to the good old days for our quiz on Gallifrey's answer to 007.
A Fourth Doctor quiz
A Fourth Doctor quiz - Do you remember his adventures well? Have a go if you're fan enough.
A Seventh Doctor quiz
A Seventh Doctor quiz - This Doctor was initially a quirky fellow. However, he soon matured into a rather secretive schemer.