All You Need to Know About Self Publishing

Self Publishing

For a long time self publishing was the bastard step-child of the publishing industry. If your book was self published you were given very little respect. Well, those days are gone. For the most part.

Yes, it IS true that getting distribution is MUCH easier with a book published by a "traditional" publisher. Distribution refers getting your book into the traditional retail channels like bookstores. BUT, that does NOT mean that you can't do it. Many people have and you can be one of them if you follow certain rules of self publishing listed below.

Self Publishing "Rules"

1. Write a book that is as good as anything else you can find on the bookstore shelves. The content of your self published book should be as good, or better than what people can find going through the traditional bookstore channel.

2. Make sure your book looks as good as any other book on the bookstore shelves. This means you need to get a professional coverer designer to make it look as good or better than any book on the bookstore shelves. You'll also want to make sure that the interior of the book looks professional as well. It should "match" the look of your cover.

3. Marketing Your Book. Marketing your book is critical to its success. A great book, with great content and a great cover and interior will NOT succeed without great marketing.

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