MediaFunnel is a user-friendly platform for managing multiple Facebook accounts and multiple Pages within those accounts. It’s not unusual for an organization to need to manage than one Facebook account and also include multiple people in the process of creating content and replying to wall posts on those Pages.

Without sharing a login to a personal Facebook page there’s no easy way to have several people manage a number of different Facebook business Pages.  With MediaFunnel, a group of users can easily manage content on a set of Facebook Pages, without being given access to any personal pages and without having to be made a Facebook admin on multiple business Pages.

Multiple Facebook Accounts Configuration in MediaFunnel

In MediaFunnel’s administrative area, connections to one or more Facebook accounts can be easily set up.  Once an account connection is set up, any one of the Pages for which that Facebook account owner is an admin can be connected to.  In a different screen, one or more users within an organization can be provide access to those Facebook pages – all from a single, centralized console.

Multiple Facebook Accounts

Viewing and Posting to Multiple Facebook Accounts

Once Facebook accounts and Pages, as well as users, are set up in MediaFunnel, each user will see any Facebook Pages to which he or she has been given access rights in the main user Feeds screen. From this screen, a user can click on a tab and then post links, pictures and other content to Facebook Pages.  The same content can be posted to more than one Facebook Page simultaneously.

MediaFunnel Facebook Tabs

To see how easy it is to connect your users to multiple Facebook accounts and Pages from a single console, try out MediaFunnel:

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts