Schedule Facebook Posts & Assign Admin Roles Within Facebook or Using MediaFunnel?

Recently Facebook rolled out new functionality that includes post scheduling and new admin roles. MediaFunnel has similar functionality for Facebook, so we’ve outlined the differences between what Facebook provides and what MediaFunnel provides to help you decide what will work best for your organization.

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Like MediaFunnel, Facebook now allows admins to compose multiple posts and schedule them for publishing in the future. Below is a chart comparing the scheduling functionality of these two systems.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Assign Roles For Facebook Publishing

Facebook, like MediaFunnel, now also offers different administrative roles to help organizations streamline their Facebook tasks. Here areĀ Facebook’s admin roles:

Schedule Facebook Posts

Here are MediaFunnel’s admin and non-admin roles:

Schedule Facebook Posts

Posting Within Facebook vs. Using MediaFunnel: General Functionality

Scheduling and roles aren’t the only areas of difference between Facebook and MediaFunnel. See the comparison chart below for other distinctions in capability.

Schedule Facebook Posts

While Facebook allows users to publish posts only to Facebook pages, MediaFunnel allows simultaneous publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr as well. Perhaps your company is only focused on Facebook and its built-in options are sufficient. MediaFunnel provides a larger reach. Choose the option that is most suitable and efficient for your brand(s).

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

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