Why should I use MediaFunnel?

MediaFunnel is designed for companies, organizations, academic institutions or anyone who would like to have more than one person contribute to one or more Twitter profiles and/or one or more Facebook Pages. MediaFunnel lets you establish Publishers, who have permission to create and publish Tweets or posts, and Contributors who are able to create Tweets or posts and submit them for review by Publishers. It’s editorial control made easy. You can also monitor for Tweets that mention your brand or any other keywords.  You can create a stockpile of content for future use, schedule tweets and assign tweets to other users for follow up. Plus you can track the performance of your links with automatically shortened URLs from, the Google URL shortener or BudURL.

What social media platforms does MediaFunnel work with?

Currently, MediaFunnel supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and  Integration with Google+ will be available once Google releases its public API.

How much does MediaFunnel cost?

The Basic Plan is $5.95 per user per month and the Premium Plan is $29.95 per user per month.

Will I need to sign an annual contract for paid versions?

No — billing is month to month with no long term commitments. If you decide to prepay for a year, you will receive two months for free.

How do I enable more User/Channels during the trial period?

Go to Settings and then select Manage Your Subscription (don’t worry – you won’t have to pay). Select Add or Remove User/Channels and then select a number of User/Channels to add. Click the Select button.

How do I add my Twitter or Facebook credentials to MediaFunnel so my team can post to our channels?

Just click on “Settings” in the upper right corner and then on “Manage Accounts, 3rd Party Integration and Scheduler.” You can choose to add your credentials using Twitter’s OAuth technology. Make sure you are logged into the Twitter account that you want to add when you use Oauth.

What is an Administrator, Publisher and Contributor?

The Administrator is the person who sets up the MediaFunnel account.  You can have one or more Administrators.  Administrators have permissions to add users & channels to the MediaFunnel account and to review and publish Tweets and Facebook posts. Publishers have the ability to review and publish Tweets and posts. Contributors can add content to the review queue, but cannot publish Tweets or Facebook posts.

How do I add more users to my MediaFunnel account?

Click on “Settings ” in the upper right, then “Manage MediaFunnel Users and Roles.” From this page you can add or delete users as well as change their roles (Contributor vs. Publisher).

How do I set up the Scheduler?

Click on “Settings” in the upper right and then on “Manage Accounts, Credentials and Scheduler.” Click on “Active” or “Inactive” in the “Scheduler” column. From this page, you can use the drop down menus to select the days, times and interval that you want for publishing tweets.

Why do I get a loading message when I click on a tab?

In order to bring you the most up-to-date Tweets or Facebook posts, you will experience about 2 seconds of loading when you click on a new tab.

Does MediaFunnel shorten URLs?

Yes! And it does so automatically. Just type in your message, paste your long URL and hit Publish. Your URL will automatically be shortened.

To shorten a URL in-line (before you press the Publish button) place your cursor on the right side of a URL and press your space bar twice.

Does MediaFunnel track URL clicks?

Yes again! MediaFunnel is integrated with, the Google URL shortener ( and BudURL, so the clicks on your automatically shortened URLs can be tracked with your or BudURL account. To set this up, you’ll first need to sign up for a account here or a BudURL account here. Then in MediaFunnel, click on “Settings” in the upper right and then on “Manage Accounts 3rd Party Integration and Scheduler.” Then click on “Not Added” in the “Track URLs” or “Track BudURLs” column. Enter your or BudURL info here and your stats from links posted with TweetFunnel will display on your or BudUrl account.

What does the “Publish” button do?

As a Publisher, you have the option to “Publish Now.” Clicking this button when you have a Tweet in the edit box will publish the tweet immediately to your Twitter stream.

What does the “Time Release” radio button do?

As a Publisher, you have the option to distribute Tweets and posts over time.  Clicking this radio button before you click Publish will put the Tweet or post into your scheduled queue. Tweets in the “Scheduled” tab will go out at the interval you have selected when you set up the Scheduler for the channel.

What does the “Draft” button do?

As a Publisher, you have the option to save a draft for future publication. Clicking this button when you have a Tweet or post in the box will put the tweet into your “Drafts” tab. This tab is great for stockpiling evergreen Tweets and posts that can be published with the Scheduler.

What does the “Publish” button do?

As a Contributor, your only option for adding Tweets is “Publish”.  Clicking this button when you have a Tweet or post in the edit box will put the Tweet or post into the “Review Queue” tab.  The Publisher(s) on your account can then edit it and/or schedule it for publishing. The Publisher will also receive an email that the Tweet or post has been added for review.

Can I edit Tweets or posts once I have submitted them?

You can edit Tweets and posts that are in your “Drafts” or “Review Queue” tabs. Once a Tweet has been scheduled, it can still be edited.

What is the Assign functionality?

Sometimes a Tweet will come through that you don’t know the answer to. In a case like this, you can click on “Assign” next to the tweet, which will bring up a box. In this box you can select to whom you’d like to assign the Tweet and add notes about why. Once completed, it will send an email to the person to whom you’ve assigned the tweet notifying them that they need to take action.

Can posters be identified in their posts?

Yes! You can identify who’s tweeting by using the cotags built in to MediaFunnel. Go to “Settings” then to “Manage MediaFunnel Users and Roles.” Then click on an individual user and add their initials as their cotag. This will add a user’s initials to the end of the each of their posts like this: Example post ^TF.

How can I tell MediaFunnel about a bug I found or a feature request?

There are three ways you can get in touch with us:

What’s next for MediaFunnel?

You guessed it — we have more features in the works.  Keep checking back with us for updates or follow us.