Consignment House UI Upgrades

Consignment House UI Upgrades

Issue 17 gives you substantial upgrades to the Consignment House user interface. These improvements are designed to make using the Consignment House easier and quicker. We broke down tasks in using the Consignment House and spent some hard time to improve the usability of the interface. Although the changes are profound, they are also elegant and let you work in the Consignment House more clearly and efficiently.

Search Results Sorting

The search results can now be sorted by name, level, rarity, for sale, or bidding. Click on the appropriately labeled sort tab to sort your search results.

Separate Transaction Tabs

Your Consignment House transactions are now sorted into separate categories, such as selling or bidding. Each tab indicates how many transaction slots are being used by that tab. There is also an All tab, where you can find all of your transactions. You can resize the transaction pane by dragging the border separating the search pane from the transaction pane.

Text Autocomplete

The search bar now supports autocompletion of text. Start typing, and press Tab to autocomplete the current word. When you are ready to search for the typed-in item, press the Search button. If you turn off autocomplete (by unselecting the radio button), searching behaves as it did prior to Issue 17.

Tintable Window Border

The Consignment House window is tintable, just like other interface windows. Window color can be changed in the Graphics and Audio section of Options.

One Click to Find Salvage Used in Recipes

If you search for a recipe, the results now provide one-click searching for salvage used in that recipe. Just click on the text "Search for Salvage" used in the recipe.

One Click to Find Recipes Used by Salvage

If you search for salvage, the results now provide one-click searching for any recipes that use the salvage. Just click on the text "Search for Recipes" that use this salvage.

The More Button is Replaced

Instead of pressing the old More button, click on an item in your transaction inventory to bring up more information on that item. Click on the Find button to search for that piece of auction inventory.

Warning for Selling Salvage Used by an Owned Recipe

When selling salvage that is used in a recipe you own, you now receive a warning message.

For Sale and Bidding Radio Buttons

Search results can be further filtered by the For Sale and Bidding radio buttons. For example, with Bidding toggled on, the Consignment House only shows items that have been bid on. With both For Sale and Bidding toggled on, a search shows only results that are both for sale and that have been bid on.

Item Level Arrows

We replaced the item level drop-down lists with up and down arrows to dial-in the desired level range. Alternatively, you can type directly over the level number.