We Were Not Alone

We Were Not Alone

In the year 2002, we learned that we were not alone.

On May 23rd, 2002 – a day that will be forever remembered for its wicked barbarity – the world was suddenly and deliberately attacked.

A thousand points of light lit up the sky across America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

And each light was a gateway into hell. The Rikti declared war on all of us.

The Rikti attack was well-coordinated and clearly planned out months or years in advance. Tens of thousands of alien invaders poured into our world, bent on our destruction.

The heroes of the world banded together, and finally turned the tide. The cost to Earth and her heroes was immense, but finally the back of the Rikti army was broken by Hero 1 and Omega Team’s sacrifice.

Cut off from their homeworld, the Rikti cells that remained retreated to the shadows, fighting a guerilla war for their continued existence. The rebuilding began, and veterans spoke of the Rikti War as a thing of the past.

Then the signs began again, but we did not see them.

Strange anomalies and seismic activity on the moon caused catastrophic tidal surges on Earth, causing the Overbrook Dam to burst and flood sections of Faultline in Paragon City. Satellites transmissions were interrupted by 'space static.' Contact with the moon base and space station became spotty, and then silent.

There were warnings from Vanguard, but we did not listen.

Once the United Nation Security Council's elite super-powered hero force, Vanguard was struggled to rebuild after the war. The survivors made up a skeleton force and their dire warnings were ignored in the joyful days after the war, written off as fear-mongering and paranoia.


The skies over Paragon City are filled with dark grey thunderheads. It is the same in the Rogue Isles, Europe, and across the globe. Small ships dart through the heavy weather … and there are so very many of them.

The Rikti have returned.