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"@PaquinEnt: High-fives also goes out to @TheDDWs for taking home a #WCMA yesterday for Roots Group Recording of the Year!" thanks guys!


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Publicado: 2 ago 2011

Información general

  • Género: Folk Rock / Música tradicional / Rock

    Ubicación Ca

    Vistas de perfil: 513090

    Última sesión: 26/03/2012

    Usuario registrado desde 24/10/2005

    Sitio Web

    Discográfica Six Shooter Records (Canada) / Sugar Hill Records (US & beyond)

    Discográfica Indie

  • Bio

    Chills climb spines when sound is given room to unfurl. The Deep Dark Woods' unflinching pursuit of steadiness between decadence and minimalism is guided at every turn by their intuitive ability to balance grit, clarity, drive and restraint with a sure focus on experimentation. Winter Hours (2009), caught critics' ears across the country. The album, a solemn ode to darker themes of seclusion and detachment, could yet warm even the bottomless, frozen nights of hometown Saskatoon, SK. With Winter Hours, The Deep Dark Woods won Best Roots Group at the 2009 Western Canadian Music Awards, and Ensemble of the Year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards. The band also had the runaway winner in CBC's Great Canadian Songquest with "Charlie's (Is Coming Down)", a song about Good Time Charlie's in Regina. The Deep Dark Woods frame their music with subtle orchestration; songs are trimmed with minimal embellishments of banjo, piano, with subtle mellotron flutters. Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Goetz's layers heartbreaking arches of pedal steel under the clarity and warmth of Ryan Boldt's voice. Newest member, organ-player Geoff Hilhorst furnishes the songs' edges with slurred polyphonies, while surefooted, danceable basslines and rich second vocals belong to Chris Mason. Burke Barlow's clarion guitar tone and lead lines are focused and impeccable. Their new album, The Place I Left Behind, finds continuity in themes of temporal and geographic alienation, neglected inward trails, and the scars of abandoned intimacies. The album opens with a song about Saskatoon's rougher edges. "West Side Street" is a study in contrasts – finespun vocals and a gently rolling melody cushion the gloomy story. "The Place I Left Behind" is loosely based on an old folk standard. Gorgeously morose, the title track confirms that The Deep Dark Woods capture lonesome yearning at its loveliest. "Sugar Mama" is a sweet and lively invitation to tap toes and shake off the blues; a seeming coming-of-age story is treated with playful banjo and an airy gait. A rainstorm over the desert of modern music, The Place I Left Behind offers murder ballads alongside scrappy rockers, lovesick hymnals and slow-dance waltzes. The album illuminates folk traditions without stripping the shadows of roots music history - The Deep Dark Woods wake the ghosts of Appalachia with their prairie gothic pyre-side tales. The Place I Left Behind echoes with traces of time and space that are never fully abandoned or forgotten.
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    Ryan Boldt, Burke Barlow, Chris Mason, Lucas Goetz, Geoff Hilhorst.
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  • David Williams

    Saw you guys in The Windmill in Brixton last week...excellent...hope to see you again before you blow the face of this tepid music business then again once you have!  

    hace 7 meses
  • Tom Kuester

    I've been on a steady diet of DDW for the last two days.  It's tough hearing a new song because I'm thinking it can't be as good as the last one.  Each track takes me to a new place.  Fantastic.  We'd love to see you here in Edmonton.      

    hace 7 meses
  • The Remembrance

    I would really love it if you came to portland, OR.

    hace 1 año
  • David Bob Picken

    Hey there, recently bought Winter Hours. Great album, hope you come over to the UK but until then i wish you all the best. Cheers

    hace 1 año
  • the HICKS

    hey you guys...hopefully we'll bump into each other on the road...we do a Yuk Yuk's tour here pretty soon....hope to see you guys there...
    Ryan your guitar playing on Spoony Toony and the Oh Bomb Ah song is awesome...great work...

    hace 1 año
  • Nigglet!

    How likely is it you guys feel like visiting Phoenix, Arizona?
    Hahah. You guys are my favorite<3

    hace 1 año
  • organic locorado

    love these tracks. great noise/

    hace 1 año
  • The Remembrance

    Can you guys please come to Portland, OR soon? Thanks!

    hace 1 año
  • Julia Ethan

    you are the BEST! Good day......

    hace 1 año
  • The Arab And The Brute

    I love your music. It's the best. Hope you come to Sweden soon!

    hace 1 año
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The Deep Dark Woods
Winter Hours (2009)

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