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Sponsored Stories ads are helping advertisers across the board.
What does Facebook Sponsored Stories do for Clickthrough Rates? »
How Facebook Sponsored Stories can help your clickthrough rates
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Normally, we try to stay away from self-referential blog posts, but we're pretty excited about this integration and thought we'd blog about it.
MediaFunnel's New Social Intelligence Integration »
While MediaFunnel has always offered brand monitoring for Twitter that's based on keyword inclusion/exclusion, there is a now an additional option for brand
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Some use cases for the integration of MediaFunnel's social media management system with NetBase's enterprise social intelligence platform. - Bringing engagement to the results of social media consumer insights. - How to connect to MediaFunnel social media engagement to Netbase social intelligence - Assigning a negative emotion Tweet to a customer service representative - Replying to a positive emotion Tweet from a customer - Emailing a Tweet to a manager or an executive who may not be a MediaFunnel user For more information about NetBase social intelligence, go to
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Adrienne conducting some marketing activity at our PeopleBrowsr Labs desk.
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Differences between Facebook's Page admin roles and MediaFunnel's roles for posting to Facebook Pages.
Schedule Facebook Posts & Assign Admin Roles Within Facebook or Using MediaFunnel? »
Which is the right solution for scheduling Facebook posts and creating admin roles?
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Some great advice from Pamela Vaughan at HubSpot
HubSpot originally shared this post:
Marketers, set yourself up for success this week--make a 'To-Do' list!
The Savvy Inbound Marketer's Daily, Weekly & Monthly To-Do Lists »
Three 10-item to-do lists of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep your inbound marketing on track.
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Using social intelligence and social engagement to create virtuous circles of customer loyalty.
Preventing Vicious Circles and Creating Virtuous Circles of Customer Loyalty »
Using social intelligence and social engagement to prevent vicious circles and to create virtuous circles
Montage Media Ltd
good read!
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How to use StumbleUpon's URL shortener both as an individual and in a social media team environment.
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Should more companies be posting content right here, on Google+?
Taking Advantage of Social Media's Effect On Organic Search RankingsTaking Advantage of Social Media’s Effect On Organic Search Rankings »
Organic search rankings are key to your Internet marketing success, and Google is doing its best to optimize its results around relevant, topical, and useful site listings. Search engine optimization ...
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A primer on using #hashtags on Twitter for business
Twitter Hashtags for BusinessTwitter Hashtags for Business »
Twitter hashtags are appearing in many places these days - on websites, during television shows, in the captions of Instagram photos and of course, within many Tweets. Why should marketers use up valu...
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