Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management
from the Dream Team

Sprinklr has engaged the Enterprise Social Media Dream Team to advise you on scaling social across the enterprise. It’s available to you now in a Free PDF.

Meet the Enterprise Social Media Management Dream Team

Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Joseph Jaffe, David Meerman Scott, David Armano, Rohit Bhargava, Mitch Joel, Peter Shankman, Mack Collier, Michael Brito, Jay Baer, Edward Boches, Ann Handley, Nilofer Merchant, Ted Coine, David Weinberger, Shelly Palmer, Mark Earls, Renee Blodget, Augie Ray, Brett Petersel, Ted Rubin, Sarah Evans, Jeff BullasAmy Vernon, Matt Dickman, Thomas Baekdal, Venkatesh Rao, Richard StacyHugh MacLeod and Doc Searls.

What You Will Learn from the Best

In this packed eBook, the Dream Team covers topics such as:

  • Branding in a Social@Scale World
  • Content & Conversation to be Social@Scale
  • Social@Scale Organizational Models
  • Tools and Tactics to be Social@Scale
  • How to Think Social@Scale



Bonus Material

  1. How to do a Global Social Media Deployment (p. 7)
  2. 6 Things Every Enterprise Social RFP Must Have (p. 8)
  3. Is Your Organization Ready to be Social at Scale? Take the Readiness Assessment (p. 63)


Download the FREE eBook

You can download the book here (or read it below).

Then, add your comments below.

  • Which was your favorite entry?
  • What question would you like to ask any member of the Dream Team?
  • What are you seeing in your organization about being Social@Scale?

Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management by the Social Media Dream Team from Sprinklr

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